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been a busy working girl gettin’ filthy in ybor, but first a quickie in atlantic city


The past month or so has been  extremely therapeutic. I am happier and probably healthier than I have been in a while.  As if my last post wasn’t any indication of how crazy my life was becoming…  But yes things are looking up.  I began daylighting as the multi-media designer for Promo Only.  I like it – it’s good to have a day gig, especially one that keeps me plugged into the music industry.  Since I began working for Promo Only I have no complaints and actually it’s been pretty dope – especially the quick trip to Atlantic City for DJ Expo.  I helped work the convention booth and attended the nightly parties.  Our official party was held at the House Of Blues – MC’d by Clinton Sparks with performances by Sean Paul, Breathe Carolina, Taylor Dayne, Speakers, Shannon, Kat Graham, Nire AllDai, and Julissa Veloz, to name a few.  I had the pleasure of meeting Julissa Veloz and Clinton Sparks and both of them were extremely kind as well as talented.

In other news, I’ve become a regular at Czar in Tampa every Friday night for the Filthy Richard Party.   Picture Friday/Saturday nights at BackBooth + TakeOvr on Tuesdays at Roxy then add music videos and some digital mapping and now you have a Filthy Party.  It also doesn’t hurt that the DJ I’m stalking there is pretty hot, and he doesn’t seem to mind my presence in the booth one bit.  I think secretly he calls me his ‘little party starter’ and I also think he’s in love with me whether or not he knows it yet… but that’s not for here.

If you ever grace the good city of Tampa with your presence over a weekend, I think you should make Filthy Richard part of your “Must do’s”.  Here are the top 5 things you should experience in the Tampa area in order.


  • Eat a SANDWICH at The Bricks in Ybor (They are all super yum)
  • Dance your ass off in any of the 3 rooms at Czar during Friday night’s Filthy Party


  • Eat at DATZ – make sure you order at least one pancake (pumpkin if available)
  • Walk around the touristy area near the bay  and share a couple of Alcoholic Slurpees at Wet Willies – no Wet Willies is not unique but you might as well do something touristy and stupid.  Besides it’s a nice view.


  • “Grow some” and attend Skinny-Dip Sunday at Caliente Resort in Land-O-Lakes (it’s a clothing optional day, so you won’t be required to bare-it-all, but hey if YOLO is still a thing why not embrace it? In any case it’s good music, good food, and awesome people watching.
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This past week and a half  has been insane, and that is why I am blogging on a Friday.  With all of the craziness I simply could not find he time until now.  Ooooookkkkaaaaayyyy…

Week in Review JUN 1 – errr…. we’ll stop on Tuesday, JUN 8… Ok – yes, I went to TAKEOVR on TUESDAY, which has now become a weekly thing for me I guess, and I’m not bored yet, so I will continue to go until something better comes my way.  WEDNESDAY night I was supposed to be UP! @ SKYSIXTY but a hurricane came through – not exactly ‘rooftop spinning’ weather, so I stayed in and watched Best In Show with a friend.  THURSDAY evening I attended PLAYGROUND Magazine’s Summer Issue Launch Party at BLANK SPACE –  A venue which may be described as the following “COFFEE SHOP meets WINE BAR meets CONTEMPORARY ART LOUNGE meets MODERN Art installation GALLERY meets struggling ARTIST workspace”… etc…  It was a friendly gathering of mom’s and dad’s, contributors, writers, and photographers over Southern delights, wine, and COOKIES. And not just any kind of cookies but DESIGNER cookies.  yum.  And oh yes, there was  ping-pong.

FRIDAY, however, was the day I was most anticipating, literally counting down the hours.  I had been invited on a Girls Only excursion to the brand spanking new Waldorf Astoria to lounge poolside – Margaritas and  piña coladas were on the menu, and heels and giant hats would be required.  UM YES!  I got the OK from the boss to take a half day, made an appointment at Depiwax and even designed a logo in honor of the occasion, that said it all –  “I LIKE FUN.”

…but that morning the thunder rolled, and the rain followed, and my hopes of sunbathing in the presence of hot pool boys with drink trays began to slip away…. Sarah, the mastermind behind our ‘funday’ was not about to let a little rain ruin our day, and had a back up plan that involved less travel.  So we suited up with heels, hats, and obnoxiously big sunglasses and hit the road.  We made a quick stop for a few beach towels and a hula-hoop, then arrived at our destination – The Red Fox Lounge pool.  Who needs the Waldorf when you  have the Mt. Vernon Best Western  just a few miles down the road.  If you are a local and you haven’t been there, do yourself a favor and go – it’s sure to make you smile and take you back about four decades.  We had a blast, avoided most of the rain, and still drank poolside.  And the best part was the look on the guys faces as the four of us strutted through the pool gate in designer heels and hats, channeling Sex and the City, and carrying a hula-hoop.  Priceless.

I originally didn’t have any plans for SATURDAY night, but Sarah, her sister, and her hubby took me hostage and we hit KUSH ULTRA LOUNGE, where the walls and sleek modern furniture are white, the air is thick with cotton candy flavored hookah smoke,  and the owner, Gary Schwartz, is super friendly.  I had the pleasure meeting all of the Schwartz brothers that evening and I had my debut in the KUSH VIP ROOM, all of it captured camera.

On SUNDAY I attended another girls only event, Pinklight Bazaar.  It was my first time and I absolutely adored it!  Emma Kruch is responsible for this ladies night, held at Redlight, Redlight, and I have to say, “Job well done!”  If you love cute girly things, dressing up, browsing through vintage clothing racks, flaunting your femininity, eating miniature gourmet cupcakes, drinking pink champagne, and supporting local ARTS – this is the one event you simply cannot miss.

Last but certainly not least, TUESDAY, JUN 8th – the highly anticipated gig at BACK BOOTH, had arrived.  I was slightly nervous but more than anything I was excited!  The set list was in perfect order, people had purchased their tickets, the band had rehearsed, and I had the perfectly styled look thanks to DRESSED HAUTE.  We got up on that stage and nailed it!  I hadn’t felt that good about a performance in a long time.  The crowd was awesome – so supportive.  I hope there will be more gigs like that!  What a rush of adrenaline!

I was so hyped up after the show, that sleep was not an option, so I hit TAKEOVR just in time to experience the awesomeness that is AFROJACK, and it was sick, even better was experiencing it from the top booth.

If you missed my show this past Tuesday, you can catch me tonight, Friday, JUN 11 at The Peacock Room @ 10:00pm – I’ll be opening for the Actomatics.  Very cheeky indeed.

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May it come to an end…but not without a multitude of activity…

The last week in May was insane!  Between Dog Powered Robot (which I am now lovingly referring to as DPR, as coined by Sarah Siak), rehearsing for my up-coming gig at BackBooth and all of the other general on-goings of the week, I nearly collapsed ‘Amy Winehouse style’ with fatigue, but it was all worth it! 

DPR had a fantastic run and got lot’s of attention from fringers, Facebook friends, and local theatre critics.  I have a feeling this is not the last you will hear about the robot that is dog powered, in fact it looks as though we will be making a full length music video and pitching the idea to various outlets.  I have to say, I have never had more fun doing a bit in a show than I did as the “singer”  for DPR – It never failed to make me laugh, and working with Evan, David, Christie, and Fisher was so much fun.  Be on the look out for the professional footage from the show – Awwwee Yeahhhh!  we’re going viral!

This past week, I also managed to book a gig at the BackBooth, a local bar/venue downtown, and I just so happened to hang out there Friday night with Nick, Joey, and Company, but not before taking a memorable drive downtown with all SIX of them in a mini cooper.  Oh yes I was the 6th and final addition to an already jam-packed mini cooper.  This was probably the dumbest thing I did all week, but the ride didn’t last long, and we arrived safely at our downtown destination.  We saw Nick’s friend’s band, Crisis in Hollywood play and we danced, laughed, and shared a Margarita made especially for me with Patron Silver by the famous BackBooth bartender Jason – and it was by far the best margarita I’ve ever had.  Jason has my vote!

As I mentioned earlier, I booked my own gig at BackBooth – JUN 8 – so if you’re in town come SEEEE me – I’m very excited!  go to my site: www.brittdaley.com for more ticket info, and If you come out to the show and tell me you read my blog, I will buy you a special margarita!  Sounds good right? 

The last part of my memorial weekend was spent singing the National Anthem for the Orange County Memorial Day Service.  I nailed it, and I looked HAWT thanks to Sarah and her styling genius!  I have to admit I was pretty nervous that I would flub a verse but I pulled it off – no mistakes – thank god, because I would have felt pretty crappy if I had screwed it up, considering the service was held in honor of a recent fallen soldier.  It felt good to pay my respects to his family, and I’m glad the attendees were happy with my performance.

Of course the rest of my week would not have been complete without the debauchery that is TAKEOVR Tuesdays at ROXY (Yes I went again, only this time I didn’t fall off a platform, but instead hung out with the DJs for a bit) and SKY SIXTY on Wednesday!  Just kidding no debauchery at SKY, only the best in Indy, Nu Disco and Club Banging, and great atmosphere –  a reminder of my days on South Beach, which I miss.  Speaking of which, I may be blogging about Miami soon!  You just never know!

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