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hitting 2012 with some extra special goodies

The 2nd half of 2011 was pretty incredible.  I  had the privilege of opening for Surfer Blood, VHS Or Beta, Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal, Awesome New Republic, Grand Buffet and shared the stage with dozens of other noteworthy local acts including Circus, Telethon, Andy Matchett and The Minks, Stockholm, Yogurt Smoothness, and more recently The Tenant and Ancient Sun (All worth checking out).

In November, I hopped on a cheap Southwest flight to L.A. for another Taxi Road Rally (Songwriting Convention) where I met more amazing artists and industry people – and caught up with the friends I made last year.    That conference is seriously worth every penny of my membership –  and once again it came up at a time when I needed a short break from “The City Beautiful”.

This past Monday night I released  my FIRST OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for my single, “One And Only” –  just after releasing my 7 song Self-Titled EP on November 25 – Black Friday.  I am really proud of both.  But of course without trying to sound cliché, I absolutely could not have done it on my own.  The EP took months to write and re-write as well as multiple studio sessions to get it just right (Huge thank you to Greg Shields and Mike Stebe at Sound Lounge Studios).

The music video, to quote the Director, truly was ” a labor of love”.  The 13 hour shoot involved over 30 people.  The cast was full of local talents: Andy Matchett, Katie Peters (Circus), John Didonna, Jennifer Bonner, Jessica Mariko (DRIP), Kyle Raker, Nick Corcoran, Darci Ricciardi, and Will “Mainswitch” Campbell.

We had an incredible camera team including a volunteer crew of 8 from Full Sail University.  Most everyone involved in the project donated their time and really believed in it – which nearly brought me to tears at the end of the shoot, that and I was exhausted.  Of course we went over budget but the end result was worth it, and luckily The Orlando Repertory Theatre was more than gracious to allow us to practically take over the entire building that Sunday at no additional charge.

I am so thankful to all of my actors who brought so much life to this video and to my crew for working their asses off to keep things moving forward.  And I’m especially thankful to Director/Editor Scott Wilkins, and Richard Dine – Director of Photography, for making this video look beautiful.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.  I promise it will make you smile.
This last month of the year – I have no plans to slow down – I open for Le BLORR on December 22 in Vero Beach and I end 2011 at the Downtown Melbourne New Year’s Eve Street Party!

This past year was pretty damn good, so naturally 2012 is going to be UNREAL.

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la la land, a dream ticket … somebody pinch me – i must be dreaming.

The days are seriously getting away from me!!!  So much has happened – happening – going to happen…. it’s insane… and so I want to make this short and sweet… well I’m going to try…

L.A. baby –  oh how you fluster me…

My trip to LA was EPIC!  Attending the TAXI Road Rally was exactly what I needed.  I networked my ass off, and met tons of inspiring and driven songwriters, artists, and industry professionals.  It was four days filled with invaluable insights into songwriting, song-pitching, the current state of the music industry and more.  I briefly sat down with legendary A&R executive Don Grierson to discuss “Here I Go”, the opening track on my EP Unsupervised – he gave me great feedback and we discussed the direction I should take it in and what the next steps should be.

There were 5 Listening Panels over the weekend, during which songs were randomly selected from  drop boxes… Well, I should have played the lottery that weekend because, “Here I Go” was randomly selected twice!  The response was positive during both the A&R Panel and the Producer Panel – which left me feeling pretty damn good.

The networking  was sick!  Between the sessions and the happy hours I met tons of kool katz, like Sergio Ruelas (Apogee Electronics), Hani Latif (TAXI), Syd Alston (Nupop Entertainment/ Discmakers) Karl Louis (A&R consultant & producer), and even Mike Laskow (Founder & President/CEO of TAXI), just to name a few.  All of them were super encouraging and many of them happen to be songwriters/artists/musicians in their own right.

One of the highlights was randomly collaborating with Sergio, and two other TAXI members, Michael Hazani and Duff Watrous.  We ended up writing a song in just two hours that Saturday night!  And, I’m obviously biased, but I think it has serious potential – I’ve already begun working on it in the studio and I have every intention of including it on my next EP project.  The rush I got from that experience was better than any drug … at least that I can imagine…. 😉

I didn’t get to see as much of Los Angeles as I would have liked – but I did manage to get in a few hours of joyriding with my good friend and aspiring actor Nick Cobey.  He drove me through most of Beverly Hills, West hollywood, Malibu, Coldwater Canyon, and Mulholland Drive.  I also got in a couple of nights on the town in West Hollywood with Nick and Friends, and then Venice/Santa Monica with my gurrrrl and rising starlet Sarah Schreiber.  I had a great time and now I’m torn between NY and LA!  gah!  I have decided however, that L.A. deserves one more visit before I make the BIG decision – and so I plan to go again in May, stay a bit longer, and if Sarah is down – raise Hell!  ha ha!

Britt?  The NEXT American Idol?!  What the What?!?

This past Sunday I was dragged over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, by who else but my parents.  I thought we were simply going to EPCOT for the final day of the Food & Wine Festival, but they had other plans in mind.  They pushed me to audition for the American Idol Experience.  I did it last year and made it through to the finale show, but was beat out by a house wife who was visiting the parks as part of a massive family reunion.  She was good – and I guess “Natural Woman” is a crowd pleaser.
Well this time there was no house wife competition, and I WON!  Thank you – Mom and Dad for pushing me to do it again – because I now hold one of the coveted “dream tickets”…. which means that I will not have to wait in the 5 mile long line for 24 hours to audition for the real American Idol.  Oh yes – I will audition this summer for the 2012 Season…  because I NEVER pass up an OPPORTUNITY – and now I don’t have an excuse to skip it.

In other NEWS…

Dog Powered Robot was selected for the 2011 Orlando International Fringe Festival to take place this coming May!  Yeoooow!  I have not seen the script yet… but it’s titled: Dog Powered Robot and the History of the Future and I’m sure it will blow your mind circuits.  You can check out the live  footage from the original production here, if you haven’t already experienced the awesomeness that is DPR!


I’m LIVE this Friday at The Cameo with The Actomatics and Everyday Ghosts … so come out!  It’s sure to be a gooooooood time.  Besides I know you’ll want to see what I’m wearing (courtesy of Dechoes Resale) …  currrazzzy!

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