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sexy miami v. cheesey orlando – good times.

This past week I was in Miami – Miami Beach – South Beach to be most specific.  If you’ve been a reader for the past two years you would know that I have a very special place in my heart for that city.  On this particular trip I managed to get in quite a bit of the typical touristy tripe.  Eating on Lincoln Road:  Sushi Samba (although I still like Doraku better), Serendipity 3 (wondering where 2 is…but the food was unreal and the cake martini, although tasty, should have been chocolate) and Polar Burger Bar (where I ended up eating a salad).  I was poolside at the Flaming North Tower Pool and the famous Clevelander Hotel, had alcoholic slurpees at Wet Willie’s and hit Saturday night at Bamboo – it was packed which .  

I also had a spontaneous photo shoot with my friend Aris – Photographer – http://www.fashify.com/ and I attended the Samsung Galaxy S III launch party at the Ice Palace – I met some very cool people, and free booze and food was provided.

On the last day, I had an afternoon to kill on my own so I decided to go to a movie by myself.  Not something I normally do, or anything I’ve ever done now that I think of it… but I figured it was raining and it might be nice to get lost in a film.  After staring at the showtimes for a good 10 minutes I finally decided on Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE (an awesomely animated flick)  I purchased my 2:45pm matinée ticket + 3D shades and proceeded upstairs to get a $2 small popcorn and a MASSIVE ‘small’ Coke zero before grabbing a seat.  As I looked around for the theater number – I noticed a guy wandering around with a confused look on his face, I didn’t think much of it and went to theater 8, as designated on my ticket stub – but when I got to theater 8, it said “ICE AGE” was playing.  I looked at my ticket again, and realized my ticket also read “ICE AGE”  – wtf?

OKAY … I went down to customer service and as I approached I noticed the same guy getting his ticket swapped out.  I informed the Customer Service lady I wanted to see Brave, and she said, “no problem.”  I then asked her if the same thing happened to that guy.  YES.  it had.  weird.  As I walked into the correct theater the “guy”  who we can refer to as Dave caught me at the door and said,  “I’m sorry, I have to ask – did you have the wrong ticket too?”  I told him yes and the lady told me his had been incorrect.  As we entered the theater during the previews – he asked politely if I would like to join him in watching the film – since it was coincidental that our tickets were wrong etc… and because we were both alone.  I figured why not.  So I watched BRAVE, a movie about fate and destiny next to a complete stranger named Dave, who shared some laughs and some of his sour patch kids with me – who I probably would have never known existed.  Turns out Dave works at Sushi Samba – so if you’re in South Beach – go say “hi” to him for me and tell him I told you to do so.  🙂

I got back to Orlando just in time to attend the Orlando Weekly Annual “Best Of”  bash at The Beacham.  I was voted 2nd Best Pop Act in Orlando by Readers (THANK YOU ORLANDO!!!! – I am So HONORED, and surprised!) I walked up to the event and passed Tommy Mot on the way in – He informed me that is was packed inside, and that it was.  I had a great time hanging out with Kevin Collier and Brandon Zeiders of Smile For Camera.  And I ran into some familiar faces I hadn’t seen in a while including Chris Cooper and Mr. Robert Johnson.  The night was finished up at IBar for Mac & Cheese Wednesdays where I danced like an idiot to Miami Sound Machine’s Conga.  Good times.

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party…therapy in miami. beaches!

Last week really didn’t get going for me until mid-week.  My friend Sarah invited me to join her and her model friends for “Wine Down Wednesdays” (happy hour) at Urban Flats.  If you are looking to meet late 20 something to early 40 something yuppies, this is the place to be.  In fact Sarah texted me the following:  “Alcohol. 6pm Yummmmmmmmm.  Wine down at Urban Flats.  It’s where all the yuppie men go.  We need to find you one in particular!”  Sounded good to me, but girl time sounded even better.   So I got my cute outfit together and met up with the girls for Patron and girly conversation.  We did not attract very many boys (we were intimidating, as Sarah put it) but we did meet a very tall man who was nice enough to humor us with pictures.  If it were a scavenger hunt, and taking a photo with a giant man was on the list – we would definitely have checked it off – plus some.  I told him that I would love to see him eat a cupcake.  He was a great sport.

Thursday, my friend Christina and I made plans to get our behinds down to Miami for the weekend, and we were so excited that we planed through every minute detail down to snacks for the drive down and dinner Friday night (we are both trying to be extremely health conscious and wanted to look hot in our swim suits).  So Thursday we packed, made appointments at Depiwax, discussed how our Miami Beach weekend would go down, and I created another graphic image in honor of what was to come.  “Party in Miami.  SoBe style.  Pass the Patron. Therapy.” 

Friday morning, while Christina was busy squeezing in some last-minute office hours before our 1:00pm waxing “experience”, I was busy squeezing in a recording session for Dog Powered Robot (DPR).  If you don’t know what Dog Powered Robot is you can read some of my previous posts or better yet, go here: http://dogpoweredrobot.com – I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it!  I am officially the singing voice behind the theme song, and we were tracking my vocals for the soundtrack and future music video.  We also through in some other “surprises” but I’ll leave it at that for now.

After I finished up with the DPR gang, I picked up Christina for our Brazilian appointment.  I am not a stranger to this modern-day form of torture, but this was entirely new to Christina.  Along with the painful yelps and occasional choice words coming from Christina a few rooms down, I could hear the Will Smith song, “Welcome to Miami” playing… perfect.

Christina emerged from the ‘torture chamber’ with a look of severe pain on her face.  She looked at me and said with total certainty – “I’m never doing that again!”  OK – bikini wax, Check – just one more stop for food and beach towels, and maybe a new swimsuit….  Two hours later and we were finally on the road to our tropical weekend destination, or so we thought.  Crap!  I had forgotten to get my oil changed and it was way over due, so I thought it would be prudent of us to stop by my brother’s work (Tire Kingdom) and have it taken care of.  20 minutes more and we would be on the highway!  negative… of course my little brother would find something else wrong with my car.  OK finally – a cracked radiator hose and an hour delay, but we were finally on our way to South Florida!

First stop was Bal Harbour!  My Aunt was kind enough to lend us her condo for the night.  We got settled – made dinner – got ready – and went out.  We hit Lincoln Road at nearly 1:00am but as expected plenty of people were out and about.  We ended up having two of the tastiest Mojitos I’ve ever had at a hookah lounge on Lincoln Road – known as D’Vine Lounge.  After that we wandered around Washington, ended up buying flip-flops for Christina, who could no longer strut in heels, and helped a lost and wasted Indian kid find his friends.  It was 4:20 in the morning, and we figured we should probably call it a night.  We drove North on Collins and as we approached the Bal Harbour shops I noticed a very familiar mini cooper to my left.  I couldn’t tell for sure if it was who I thought it was, because of the super dark tinted windows – and I didn’t get the chance to find out, because our left turn popped up.  I texted the assumed driver – “Were you just driving home down Collins?” – and sure enough at 1:30pm on Saturday, I got a response, “if it was at 4:30 in the morning – then yes.”  It was “the one”.  What a strange coincidence.  I had planned to see him on Sunday – funny to catch a glimpse of his car at that un-godly hour on my first night back in Miami. 

That Saturday, Christina and I hit Miami Juice, my favorite new foodie obsession, (I honestly don’t know if I can go to Miami without having at least one meal there now.)  We ordered the breakfast special and shared their amazing fruit salad – it literally is food porn – and it’s up there on my list of pleasurable experiences.  So good, I had to take a picture.  After that we did a bit of shopping then hit the pool – best Saturday I’ve had in a while.

The weekend was just kicking off – Next stop, a pent house suite with private rooftop Jacuzzi at Z Ocean Hotel on South Beach, courtesy of Christina’s boyfriend – hell YES!  The room was of course ridiculous, and the view was awesome.  We hit the pool, had a few drinks, and made some friends with some vacationers from the Bronx.

That evening we headed out for dinner on Lincoln Road – but before we chose a spot to eat we stumbled upon a crowed in front of the Lincoln Theatre.  Apparently it was the Black American Film Festival, and one of the actors was taking photo ops with some fans.  I turned to Christina and her man and said, “Watch this.”  I went to the front of the commotion, asked what was going on, and just as the camera flashed, I smiled big and said, “I’m Next!”  I hadn’t the faintest idea who he was or what films he had been in, but I got a picture anyway.  Turns out it was Robert Townsend. That’s cool right? Meh?

On Sunday, Christina and I went down for the complimentary breakfast which consisted of a few pieces of toast and a muffin.   We were seriously disappointed when the menu clearly stated “basket of muffins and pastries and choice of white or wheat toast”.  Needless to say we did not tip.  We went back up to the room and Christina hit the hot tub with her man while I gathered my things.  I left the two love birds to enjoy the last few moments in the pent house without a third wheel, and I headed out to enjoy MY last few hours in Miami before making the sobering, four-hour drive back to reality.  As planned, I met him for lunch.  It was really, really nice….

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