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hitting 2012 with some extra special goodies

The 2nd half of 2011 was pretty incredible.  I  had the privilege of opening for Surfer Blood, VHS Or Beta, Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal, Awesome New Republic, Grand Buffet and shared the stage with dozens of other noteworthy local acts including Circus, Telethon, Andy Matchett and The Minks, Stockholm, Yogurt Smoothness, and more recently The Tenant and Ancient Sun (All worth checking out).

In November, I hopped on a cheap Southwest flight to L.A. for another Taxi Road Rally (Songwriting Convention) where I met more amazing artists and industry people – and caught up with the friends I made last year.    That conference is seriously worth every penny of my membership –  and once again it came up at a time when I needed a short break from “The City Beautiful”.

This past Monday night I released  my FIRST OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for my single, “One And Only” –  just after releasing my 7 song Self-Titled EP on November 25 – Black Friday.  I am really proud of both.  But of course without trying to sound cliché, I absolutely could not have done it on my own.  The EP took months to write and re-write as well as multiple studio sessions to get it just right (Huge thank you to Greg Shields and Mike Stebe at Sound Lounge Studios).

The music video, to quote the Director, truly was ” a labor of love”.  The 13 hour shoot involved over 30 people.  The cast was full of local talents: Andy Matchett, Katie Peters (Circus), John Didonna, Jennifer Bonner, Jessica Mariko (DRIP), Kyle Raker, Nick Corcoran, Darci Ricciardi, and Will “Mainswitch” Campbell.

We had an incredible camera team including a volunteer crew of 8 from Full Sail University.  Most everyone involved in the project donated their time and really believed in it – which nearly brought me to tears at the end of the shoot, that and I was exhausted.  Of course we went over budget but the end result was worth it, and luckily The Orlando Repertory Theatre was more than gracious to allow us to practically take over the entire building that Sunday at no additional charge.

I am so thankful to all of my actors who brought so much life to this video and to my crew for working their asses off to keep things moving forward.  And I’m especially thankful to Director/Editor Scott Wilkins, and Richard Dine – Director of Photography, for making this video look beautiful.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.  I promise it will make you smile.
This last month of the year – I have no plans to slow down – I open for Le BLORR on December 22 in Vero Beach and I end 2011 at the Downtown Melbourne New Year’s Eve Street Party!

This past year was pretty damn good, so naturally 2012 is going to be UNREAL.

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epic shows, shoots, confetti and ‘chutes…

Man oh man.  The month of January was insane, and February hasn’t slowed down either.  I keep saying things are going to calm down soon, but it seems like every time I turn around there’s one more thing on my plate.  I’m not complaining, but I do need to get my ass in gear regarding my next EP release which I am still hoping will happen in March…. yowzers….

 The following Thursday, I performed a few of my tunes outside in the freezing temps before interviewing with Peter Murphy, host of Orlando LIVE at City Arts Factory.  I still haven’t seen the footage from that but I’m sure it will be available soon (stay tuned).  If I learned anything from that experience, it would have to be, “Always be ready for anything.”  And despite not being properly dressed for the cruel temperatures, I was still able to knock out 3 songs even though they weren’t what I originally intended to play.  go me.

Then on Saturday (JAN 29), I had an amazing photo shoot with Photographer Marc Harmon, and Hair/Makeup Artists Megan Hinkle, and Kathleen Medina.  They all did an incredible job making me look like a supa star!  Of course it was all tied together with the amazing wardrobe styling of Sarah Siak – SHE is the “bomb diggity” (stolen from S. Conness).  You can check out a few of the photos on the Facebook page, but as of now this one is probably my favorite.

This past week (FEB 7)  was amazing.  I played three nights of back to back shows starting Tuesday night at Club 57 West and ending last night at the Cameo Theatre for DRIP’s A Night of Music, a two night event, featuring 4 killer bands/artists and a special DRIP performance from their new show, Riff.  The DRIP band is bad-ass and the performance art installation piece was sick.

We shared the stage with Peter Baldwin, Andy Matchett and the Minks, Telethon, The Pauses, and the DRIP Band.  Wednesday night’s show was particularly special because I had my full band with me, including newly added member, Katie Peters, who crucified it on backup vocals.  You can also catch Katie moonlighting with Circus.  The GRRRL can sing!

Yesterday afternoon, in between show nights,  Jessica Mariko, CEO and Artistic Director of DRIP, and I spent a couple of hours over at 91.5 WPRK “The Basement” talking with the lovely Sarah Conness about the show and our own respective projects .  It was a great time had by all and I had the pleasure of meeting the talented Mr. Wheeler Newman and his producer Shaun Combs – definitely cool katz.

Favorite highlights from the DRIP event were: Peter Baldwin’s sweet VOX, Tierney Tough of The Pauses, playing not one, but two instruments (I should quit now :\ …), the flying colored salt swirling around the DRIP dancers, and the EXPLODING confetti /giant PARACHUTE PARTY – courtesy of Andy Matchett and the Minks (definitely the most memorable and euphoric!) As I was shaking the small colored pieces of tissue paper confetti from my clothes last night a huge smile crept across my face.  Yeah, THAT was a good time, a good time indeedy.

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’tis the season… to rock out with your cocktails out!

I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas….. yikes! And what have I done to get into the holiday season?  Well… I spent some time with the family and with my colleagues (not at the same time) at Disney – let’s face it – Disney knows how to decorate for the holidays.  I braved the much colder than normal Florida temps, decorated my little apartment – but skipped the tree, made a roasted pear cranberry galette (a fancy word for tart) watched a few Christmas flicks, and closed a  set with an abbreviated modern take on “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”…

Which brings me to this past Wednesday night.  Me and the boys played a set at Blank Space located Downtown near Lake Eola.  It was all to benefit DRIP, a Performance Art Company in Orlando that uses mixed visual elements such as paint, sand, and water with music, movement, and dance.  They are getting ready to launch their new rock show, Riff, and the event Wednesday night cleverly titled, “Rock Out with Your Cocktails Out” was created in order to raise some much-needed dough to get Riff off the ground.

I was happy to participate, providing a portion of the entertainment for the evening.  The turn out was fantastic, somewhere between 80 – 100 patrons, which is significant for Blank Space, a relatively small bar/art house.  I have to thank my band again – we were super tight and they definitely brought it.

Some other cool highlights of the night were:  SPEED PAINTING with Tony Corbitt, who claimed there would be no gimmicks but then proceeded to remove his shirt before beginning his masterpiece.  SEXY SPOKEN WORD by the amazing Tod Caviness and a bunch of guys he knows centered around key words like wet, messy, and rock n’ roll that can all be used to describe Riff.  HUMAN BODY PAINT BY NUMBERS… need I explain?  MUSICAL GUESTS Matthew Dodenhoff, yours truly, and the famous Thomas Wynn minus The Believers. AND lastly DUN DUN DUN!!!!!  the DATE AUCTION in which guests were encouraged to bid on a fun date night with a DRIPPIE (a DRIP Performer) or  ME – “the beautiful singer/songwriter, Britt Daley!” – as DRIP’s Artistic Director, Mariko described.  Awwwwe she’s sweet.  And of course much of it, if not all of it was captured by Thomas Thorspecken, Author of Analog Artist/Digital World and Orlando’s very own talented Sketch Artist.

I was indeed “auctioned” off for a date night… all for a good cause of course, and I went for a whopping $200.  Not to shabby, A very generous guy by the name Jim outbid everyone, because as he put it, “I didn’t want you to go out cheap.”  And we have our date set for the first Wednesday of the new year.  We will be going to SAK Comedy Lab, and don’t worry I told him we’d go Dutch – since he’d already spent enough for one night.

Tonight kicks off my 2 week Christmas Vacation (the National Lampoon theme song is ringing in my head) WOOP, WOOP!!!! 🙂  And tomorrow I open for Everyday Ghosts and The Roy Jay Band at Orlando Brewing Co.  It should be a good time.  If you’re looking for something to do come hang out – we should be kicking off around 9:00pm, there’s excellent beer there, and best of all NO COVER = FREE FUN!  yippi.

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