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’tis the season… to rock out with your cocktails out!

I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas….. yikes! And what have I done to get into the holiday season?  Well… I spent some time with the family and with my colleagues (not at the same time) at Disney – let’s face it – Disney knows how to decorate for the holidays.  I braved the much colder than normal Florida temps, decorated my little apartment – but skipped the tree, made a roasted pear cranberry galette (a fancy word for tart) watched a few Christmas flicks, and closed a  set with an abbreviated modern take on “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”…

Which brings me to this past Wednesday night.  Me and the boys played a set at Blank Space located Downtown near Lake Eola.  It was all to benefit DRIP, a Performance Art Company in Orlando that uses mixed visual elements such as paint, sand, and water with music, movement, and dance.  They are getting ready to launch their new rock show, Riff, and the event Wednesday night cleverly titled, “Rock Out with Your Cocktails Out” was created in order to raise some much-needed dough to get Riff off the ground.

I was happy to participate, providing a portion of the entertainment for the evening.  The turn out was fantastic, somewhere between 80 – 100 patrons, which is significant for Blank Space, a relatively small bar/art house.  I have to thank my band again – we were super tight and they definitely brought it.

Some other cool highlights of the night were:  SPEED PAINTING with Tony Corbitt, who claimed there would be no gimmicks but then proceeded to remove his shirt before beginning his masterpiece.  SEXY SPOKEN WORD by the amazing Tod Caviness and a bunch of guys he knows centered around key words like wet, messy, and rock n’ roll that can all be used to describe Riff.  HUMAN BODY PAINT BY NUMBERS… need I explain?  MUSICAL GUESTS Matthew Dodenhoff, yours truly, and the famous Thomas Wynn minus The Believers. AND lastly DUN DUN DUN!!!!!  the DATE AUCTION in which guests were encouraged to bid on a fun date night with a DRIPPIE (a DRIP Performer) or  ME – “the beautiful singer/songwriter, Britt Daley!” – as DRIP’s Artistic Director, Mariko described.  Awwwwe she’s sweet.  And of course much of it, if not all of it was captured by Thomas Thorspecken, Author of Analog Artist/Digital World and Orlando’s very own talented Sketch Artist.

I was indeed “auctioned” off for a date night… all for a good cause of course, and I went for a whopping $200.  Not to shabby, A very generous guy by the name Jim outbid everyone, because as he put it, “I didn’t want you to go out cheap.”  And we have our date set for the first Wednesday of the new year.  We will be going to SAK Comedy Lab, and don’t worry I told him we’d go Dutch – since he’d already spent enough for one night.

Tonight kicks off my 2 week Christmas Vacation (the National Lampoon theme song is ringing in my head) WOOP, WOOP!!!! 🙂  And tomorrow I open for Everyday Ghosts and The Roy Jay Band at Orlando Brewing Co.  It should be a good time.  If you’re looking for something to do come hang out – we should be kicking off around 9:00pm, there’s excellent beer there, and best of all NO COVER = FREE FUN!  yippi.

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if Jäger gets you down, get UP! and then get “Dog Powered”…

For those of you who know me, you know that I am kind of a dork.  Yes I know I seem ‘cool’, but really ‘cool’ is my cover.  And this past week I experienced some very un-cool moments, but I guess they help to balance out the good ones – and being part of a production that involves a grown man dressed as a blue robot with his pomeranian strapped to his chest as he knocks down a cardboard city… isn’t  cool…it’s flippin’ AWESOME! 

But first, I’ll describe one of my moments of stupidity.  There were more, but that’s all I am willing to disclose.  

Last Tuesday I went to TAKEOVR @ the Roxy with the housemates and their crew.  It was definitely an ‘experience’ mainly because the combination of dancing in way to high heels on the platform level after a repulsive shot of Jägermeister lead to disaster.  Yes… I fell and I took another girl with me.  It was humiliating – and I ended up with several “battle wounds”, as if the embarrassment wasn’t enough.  The bruise on my knee has nearly healed, my self-esteem, still injured, but hey, 1 up on the ‘dork factor’.

Wednesday night was much tamer – consisting of a dinner date at Mucho’s Tequila and Tacos (a brand new Mexican restaurant establishment off E Pine St. – worth a try!) with Jon, a young lawyer “living the life”.  And yes, just in case you are wondering, it is the same lawyer that I met the previous week at the UM Alumni book club event… thing.  After a perfectly portioned plate of fish tacos and way too many tortilla chips, we strolled over to Up! @ SKY SIXTY to “meet up” with my DJ friends, Tommy Mot and the 11Sixteens.  I even got to play DJ long enough for a photo! Not sure if my being excited about that gives me a -1 or a +1 on the dork factor, but either way… I lOOOOOVED every second of it!

After SKY I headed over to the home of musical genius David Traver (Musical Director for Blue Man Group) to work with him and Evan Miga (Creative Mastermind) on the soundtrack for Evan’s Creative Mind Experiment piece, “Dog Powered Robot”.  And we could hardly stop laughing.

Which brings me to the major highlight of my week; performing in Evan’s piece at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival!  We had two performances last week and the audience response was enthusiastic!  People seem to love it and each night it has been voted ‘most entertaining’.  It’s not enough to describe it to you; although my description above gives you a pretty good idea of the absurdity that is “Dog Powered Robot”, but it’s simply something you just have to see for yourself.   I sing in the show and it’s by far the coolest piece of theatrical entertainment I have ever been a part of.  Evan, Fisher (his Pomeranian Pup) and I will be killin’ it again tonight, Wed. May 26 at 10:55pm and tomorrow, Thu. May 27 @ 8:30, so come out and see it and buy a t-shirt!  IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

About the Creative Mind Experiment:
Creative Mind Experiment: How different creative minds interpret the same inspiration
Each creation is placed one right after another so you can see just how differently they think even when inspired by the exact same thing.  8 creators will participate in every show.
For more info and tickets click here!
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book clubbing, bar hitting, and park hopping…

I know you’re all dying to read about my past week in its entirety (kidding), but in all honesty, I only have a few things worth writing about (you’re crushed, I know).  But here you go, the highlights of my week – bon apetit!.  

Thursday evening was one of those random experiences I signed up for without really knowing what I was getting into.  Typical.  I ended up at a UM Alumni networking event at Hannibal’s in Winter Park which I had RSVP’d to several weeks ago.  I was coming from a committee meeting at my boss’s house and rather than show up early for the event, I figured it would be better to arrive at least 15 minutes late, fashionable, right?  This would have been fine if this was simply a mixer, but this “networking” event was in fact a book club event for a local author, Tom Cavanaugh… whom I knew nothing about, and even worse it was a small gathering.  I had to quietly join a table of about 8 people, then awkwardly introduce myself.  So embarrassing.   

It was the kind of situation where it’s nothing like you were expecting, and you feel confused and out-of-place, yes, “out-of-place” seems appropriate.  I sat there uncomfortably sipping my sangria while we listened to Tom discuss his books, life, experiences..etc… all very interesting… After about an hour we were finally allowed to relax and mingle.  I felt slightly better as a few other alumni trickled in late, and I could see that same look of panic and confusion in their eyes too.   

In the end it turned out to be a really nice evening, I learned some things about book publishing, and I met some new people, among them two lawyers around my age.  We hit it off and I ended up grabbing dinner with them at Dexter’s following the ‘book club’ confusion.  Turned out they had been just as confused as I.  

Friday evening consisted of celebrating the 21st birthday of my new friend and house mate, Stein.  We had dinner at Ceviche’s, an incredible Tapas Bar off Church Street, and I had the “Costillas de Cordero”  – braised baby lamb ribs in roasted tomato deliciousness, and it was so good I shoveled every single drop of it into my mouth.  This led to serious stomach revolt.  I love tomato based sauces and reductions, but my stomach, however, does not, and it let me know.   

After dinner I took a break from the ’21st b-day partying’ to hang with my buds Nick and Joey (see previous posts).  We met up at Vixen Bar then hit Wall street – where in the span of 20 minutes I met Brody of XL 106.7, recognized two guys from high school, and snagged the phone number off of a really cute tall guy, 6’6” to be exact.   After Wall Street we ended up at some hipster bar I forget the name of, but I do remember leaning over to Nick and saying, “I feel like I’m going to catch an STD in here.”  

It was nearly 2:00am and I promised to meet back up with Stien and her friends at Cameo for the ‘after party’.  I arrived exactly at 2:15 and the entire club had cleared out – no one was there from Stien’s group.  I figured I’d give it 5 minutes before I would give up and call it a night.  And just as I was headed back to my car, the party arrived in a ridiculous stretch, SUV, limo thing.  I joined them inside and well I’m not going to go into further detail… but we’ll say it was crazy in there.  In fact I never made it into Cameo with the ‘VIP Party’ but instead opted to forgo the additional $5 cover and headed home.   

Hanging with the Girls at Epcot - Bottoms up!

I ended my week spending some much-needed quality time with my Aunt Kathy, Cousin Amy, her hubby and kids, and her ‘so much fun’ friend Mary.  We spent all day Saturday at Epcot moseying around the world showcase.  We bought some lucky Japanese figurines and had lunch on the Boardwalk at the ESPN Sports Bar.  We then hit Hollywood studios, before deciding we were too hot and sweaty to do anything there, so we called it a day.  Suffering from a combination of heat exhaustion and serious dehydration –  I wanted to do nothing else that night but shower and lie on my bed with the fan at full speed.   Ahhh… so much better.

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