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the last 6 months in bullet points… and yes blondes definitely have more FUN.

so.  I really dropped the ball on this blog.  Which makes me feel pretty crap.  And in order to feel better about myself, I’m going to do something I should’ve done months ago.  Yep – I’m reinstating Daley Downtown.  I know you all were on the edge of your seat awaiting for this post.  Le sigh.  In all honesty I’m excited about blogging again.  I even updated my ‘theme’ and header (long over due).  In any case as much as I’d love to get you up to speed on my life in detail, I’m just going to give you a few highlights and you can fill in the rest with your overactive imaginations – you know who you are.  :\

Since my last post in December 2011 I…

  • became a blonde which automatically makes me more fun.
  • fell in and out of “Love / Like” several times.  story of my life.
  • attended WMC 2012 in Miami met a ton of amazing people including Dev, Rita Ora, Datsik and various other major players in the Industry.
  • got kissed on the cheek by Mickey Avalon (still not sure how I feel about it)
  • opened for YACT at Plaza Live, and got walked in on while putting on nylons backstage, by a member of Onuinu (who will remain unidentified, but there are only 2 of them so you have 50% chance of guessing right)  (nuff said).
  • collaborated with several EDM producers as a Featured Artist on a couple of tracks
    that were released in JUNE on Beatport and SoundCloud

  • wrote several songs that are still in the works and have yet to be released.
  • wrote a song titled, “Hi (A Song For You)”  a couple days ago… you can watch my live home recording on youtube.
  • overhauled my website:  http://brittdaley.com
  • and started moonlighting SOLO as a DJ combining LIVE Vocals with DJ set – Playing my first official set at Ignition at Firestone Live 6/28/12 (Mainstage Baby)

bing. bam. boom.  I’m done – no wait I’m not done yet….  wha ha ha. 😉

Lot’s of things in the works, up in the air…


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dog powered robot in full effect. and i get to be a part of it. :)

Here it is! The DOG POWERED ROBOT  music video is complete and it has gone viral!  Our rehearsals are moving along and we are campaigning like crazy to get the word out about our show this May at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival.  It is officially the first full length DPR production, titled Dog Powered Robot and the History of the Future, and it’s going to be packed with new characters, special effects, music, and a brilliant cast of players including the lovable Fisher (The Pomeranian that powers the big blue bot).

There will be show memorabilia as well which has already been circulating since the DPR Fundraiser earlier this month.  It’s been a trip and an amazing creative adventure to be a part of.  If you are in Orlando during the second half of May – I suggest you do yourself a favor and come see the show – your inner child will thank you.



Dog Powered Robot Credits:
Evan Miga – Creator, Director
Josh Sales – Camera, Lighting, Effects
Music – David Traver
Theme Song  – David Traver and Britt Daley
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epic shows, shoots, confetti and ‘chutes…

Man oh man.  The month of January was insane, and February hasn’t slowed down either.  I keep saying things are going to calm down soon, but it seems like every time I turn around there’s one more thing on my plate.  I’m not complaining, but I do need to get my ass in gear regarding my next EP release which I am still hoping will happen in March…. yowzers….

 The following Thursday, I performed a few of my tunes outside in the freezing temps before interviewing with Peter Murphy, host of Orlando LIVE at City Arts Factory.  I still haven’t seen the footage from that but I’m sure it will be available soon (stay tuned).  If I learned anything from that experience, it would have to be, “Always be ready for anything.”  And despite not being properly dressed for the cruel temperatures, I was still able to knock out 3 songs even though they weren’t what I originally intended to play.  go me.

Then on Saturday (JAN 29), I had an amazing photo shoot with Photographer Marc Harmon, and Hair/Makeup Artists Megan Hinkle, and Kathleen Medina.  They all did an incredible job making me look like a supa star!  Of course it was all tied together with the amazing wardrobe styling of Sarah Siak – SHE is the “bomb diggity” (stolen from S. Conness).  You can check out a few of the photos on the Facebook page, but as of now this one is probably my favorite.

This past week (FEB 7)  was amazing.  I played three nights of back to back shows starting Tuesday night at Club 57 West and ending last night at the Cameo Theatre for DRIP’s A Night of Music, a two night event, featuring 4 killer bands/artists and a special DRIP performance from their new show, Riff.  The DRIP band is bad-ass and the performance art installation piece was sick.

We shared the stage with Peter Baldwin, Andy Matchett and the Minks, Telethon, The Pauses, and the DRIP Band.  Wednesday night’s show was particularly special because I had my full band with me, including newly added member, Katie Peters, who crucified it on backup vocals.  You can also catch Katie moonlighting with Circus.  The GRRRL can sing!

Yesterday afternoon, in between show nights,  Jessica Mariko, CEO and Artistic Director of DRIP, and I spent a couple of hours over at 91.5 WPRK “The Basement” talking with the lovely Sarah Conness about the show and our own respective projects .  It was a great time had by all and I had the pleasure of meeting the talented Mr. Wheeler Newman and his producer Shaun Combs – definitely cool katz.

Favorite highlights from the DRIP event were: Peter Baldwin’s sweet VOX, Tierney Tough of The Pauses, playing not one, but two instruments (I should quit now :\ …), the flying colored salt swirling around the DRIP dancers, and the EXPLODING confetti /giant PARACHUTE PARTY – courtesy of Andy Matchett and the Minks (definitely the most memorable and euphoric!) As I was shaking the small colored pieces of tissue paper confetti from my clothes last night a huge smile crept across my face.  Yeah, THAT was a good time, a good time indeedy.

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january =ing INSANE month, but i still stopped to enjoy ‘The Pauses’.


I would like to start off by saying, EEEEEEEEEEEE GAH!  My schedule this month has become insane!  All of it is wondrous, so I’m not complaining at all, but the craziness of it literally just hit me today as I was going over my mental list, which by the way also includes me getting a haircut… my bangs are driving me bananas.

The first two weeks of 2011 went by incredibly fast and these last two, I guarantee, will probably blow by as well.  “What’s coming up?”  you ask… well I’ll tell ya! With bullet points!

  • Playing a show tomorrow night @Tatáme Sake Lounge, SAT JAN 15 / 9pm
  • Releasing brand NEW SINGLE, Never Done This, week of JAN 17
  • Filming a live performance at FULL SAIL with the BAND on JAN 20
  • Audition in MIAMI JAN 21
  • Interview with ORLANDO LIVE @ City Arts Factory on JAN 27
  • Shoot with Photographer Mark Harmon on JAN 29 …Location TBD
  • And oh yea… the bangs are getting cleaned up on Monday 😉

And on top of all that … I’ll be in the studio writing/recording my sophomore release, and working on several Music Video concepts to be filmed this Spring.


These past couple of weeks have been relatively laid back in comparison to what is to come, but I have been plugging away in the studio… and let me tell you … I am GRINNING EAR TO EAR over these new tracks.  “NEVER DONE THIS”, which was written in just two hours during the Taxi Road Rally with Sergio Ruelas, Machael Hazani, and Duff Watrous, is hands down my new favorite.  Chris and I started  working on the recording in December and it sounds SICK.  I will get the final Mixed/Mastered version on Sunday – and then I’m gonna let it fly!

The other tune we are working on is a fun indie dance tune, titled, “ONE AND ONLY”, nothing serious about it,  just a little something to replace a frown with a big grin. 😀  I keep waiting for Chris to roll his eyes at me in the studio… but he seems to be enjoying himself despite the challenge of getting his head into it. Goal is to have the entire sophomore project released by March!

Other than studio time, rehearsals, and day job stuff – I managed to catch a cold (I’m all better now) and catch The Pauses at Backbooth.  They are a local indie rock band that  delivers some sweet tunes against a colorful, homey backdrop complete with a  “window”  with a brightly animated green grass and blue sky landscape with school buses, bunnies and other random puppet passer-byers.

It was their CD release party and they seemed to bring out a fairly “plugged-in” group of locals, many of whom I’ve met over the past year. It was a good night, lots of laughs and lots of familiar faces.  In fact the lead singer of The Pauses looked very familiar to me – so after the show I stalked her out on Facebook and sent her a message.  It turns out that Tierney Tough and I used to work at the same cafe years ago (small freaking world).  Giving me yet one more good reason to have attended that night.

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hip hip hooray for christmas vacation and a jolly ‘joisey’ new year!

Well friends what a year it has been – I am literally up in the air at 30,000 feet as I type this first post of the New Year.  2011, yikes, not sure if I can wrap my head around that number… but I have a feeling this year will be even better than the last – and I am itching for something incredible to happen.

This Christmas Vacation was one of the best holiday breaks I have had in a long time, complete with holiday parties, chilly weather, tons of food, time spent with loved ones, and play dates with friends.  I have a feeling this blog might seem a little outside my normal tone – but I’m feeling a bit thankful and sentimental – so deal with it.

Before I go into all of the mushy gushy stuff I want to give you the quick and dirty…. In a nice concise, short list of highlights:

1.       SUN: 12/19 – Attended a cookie exchange party with my mom; I made the vegan apricot, cranberry, oatmeal cookies (recipe below).  Then I put on a fancy dress, high heels, and a smile to attend the Full Sail end of the year holiday bash  –  it was massive.  I ran into several friends, including Thomas Thorspecken, Brian Feldman, Chris McCown and even a family friend I hadn’t seen in ten years.  I was invited to the event by a Mr. Krauss – he was my hot date for the evening and he basically snuck me in.

2.       TUE: 12/21 – I dragged (no pun intended) my parents and my close friends Nick and Joey to Bananas – my newest obsession.  It was the first ever “Broadway Night” at Bananas and it was FABULOUS!  Despite a few technical difficulties the show was cute and heartwarming and we laughed A LOT.  It was holiday themed, complete with drag queens and a snow machine outside the front entrance.  After that Nick, Joey and I headed downtown.  We stopped off at my place and spent about an hour on Facebook laughing hysterically about our new venture with Evan Miga, University of College Online.  Evan had just finished creating the site and made the mistake of giving Nick and I admin privileges on the Facebook page… check it out it’s quite amusing.  After we laughed until are tummies ached we headed over to Backbooth to shoot the shit with our mutual friend Aaron.

3.       FRI: 12/24 – Christmas Weekend was spent with my family – we attended Christmas Eve service and had a Christmas Dinner with Terry Olson and family, a very random occurrence but we didn’t have dinner plans that night and it was generous of Terry and Robin to invite us to join in on their family gathering.  That night I upheld my Christmas tradition and made my annual decorated sugar cookies – best batch ever.   The next morning I was spoiled rotten, and my most favorite random gift was an avocado slicer.  My mother requested I make sure to tell EVERYONE that SHE gave me the avocado slicer, just in case there was any confusion.  My other favorite gift is my new SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab, it is pretty freaking sweet and can kick your iPad’s ass.

4.     MON: 12/27 – I had a play date with Nick and Joey, and we built a fort in their living room – and I can honestly say It was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time.

5.       TUES: 12/28 – Tuesday kicked off my five-day retreat to Ocean City New Joisey to be with my family.  Much of the time was spent hanging out at home where it was warm, but we did freeze our asses off in Philly for the Eagles Vs. Vikings game.  Our cousin Thomas is on the Vikings roster, and although he didn’t play, we saw him use his mad clipboard/note taking skills…

6.       FRI: 12/31 – On New Year’s Eve everyone had parties to attend except for my sister Sarah and I so my mom, Art, Sarah and I made plans  of our own and headed to Atlantic City for a lovely dinner at Izakaya, a rather posh Japanese restaurant located in the Borgata Hotel and Casino.   The food was excellent!  Menu items worth mentioning are the Edamame Dumplings, the BBQ Pressed Duck Buns, and the Chilean Sea Bass.  Afterwards we split up, Art and Sarah headed to a late night movie, and my mom and I decided to ring in the New Year Atlantic City style – we enjoyed a couple of cocktails at the swanky Water Club Sunroom – then headed over to Gypsy Bar where we enjoyed a live cover band and lots of sloppy drunks.  We loved every second of it, and laughed until our sides hurt… In fact my abs are still sore.

Now here’s the mushy bit – It’s during the holiday season that we have time to reflect on what truly matters, and in these moments, for me at least, the people I really love come to mind.   I was lucky enough to spend time with my loved ones, well most of them.  I hope you did the same.

Happy New Year.

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turkey, chicken, waffles, gravy and whole lot of bananas

In case you were wondering…

The Cameo Show went really well – the band was super tight, and my producer said it best, “you guys had a pulse – you were driving the music.”  Even our transitions were smooth – so I’ll drink to that and skittles all around for my sweet band.

The gracious new owners of the historic Cameo Theater were also pleased and asked me to come back the next night to open for Beebs and Her Money Makers.  It was too short notice for the band to get on board (I got the call at 5:30pm that night) so I packed up my laptop and keyboard and went it solo for about 25 minutes.  It was still relatively early in the evening and the crowd (if you could call it that) was minimal, so it felt more like a private show for the owners, barkeeper, sound engineer and my favorite asian brothers – Nick and Joey who were kind enough to swing by to hear me bang out a few songs.  “Yous guys are da best!”

I was pretty beat afterwards and Nick and Joey had requested we grab food.  It was at the suggestion of Beebs that we check out Bananasa Modern  American Diner located in the Mills 50 district.  So we shoved my gear into my car and walked a good 5 blocks from the Cameo to Bananas, all the while taking retarded pictures in front of the hardly creative and generic business signs, like ‘Balloons’ – hmmm I wonder what they sell?

We reached our destination and were immediately impressed with the decor and overall friendly and inviting feel of the place.  The menu looked amazing – and I instantly realized this was not the place if you are trying to count calories and watch your waistline, no siree – this was a comfort food lover’s haven.  After we placed our orders and my side order of pancakes (yumma) Nick kicked me – and then said in almost a whisper, “We’re surrounded by drag queens.”  Both Joey and I scanned the room and no doubt, we certainly were.  Funny that it took us so long to notice.

The food was amazing, the wait staff friendly and talented.  We even got a lip sync performance by a very buxom redheaded drag queen, to the tune “The Pussycat Song”  – need I say more.

Our meal was finished off with banana flavored cotton candy and a good 45 minutes of taking retarded photos of our facial features and then taking photos of ourselves holding our phones in front of our faces … with the facial feature being displayed… we really know how to have a good time.  :\

Eating at Bananas last saturday evening got me off to a week of food that included two additional meals at Bananas – YES I am officially obsessed.  I took my mother on Monday night, and my New Yorker friend Rob on Friday.  If you haven’t been yet, do yourself a favor and go!  Your mouths will thank you.  Oh and have the banana bread beer it’s delightful.

Last week as you know was Thanksgiving and of course I stuffed my face with all kinds of traditional eats and experienced the ultimate turkey coma.  It was a wonderful day shared with family , a time to reflect and be greatful for all of the amazing pepole and opportunities this year – and it was a very welcome break from the typical M – F.  The day afterwards, known from coast to coast as “Black Friday”  was awesome – because I spent it doing pretty much nothing, I successfully avoided all retail establishments and had the rent’s house to myself for much of the day.  I gave myself a pedi/mani, went for a 2.5 mile run, did some strength training and then sat around. It was perfect.

That evening I made plans to meet up with my friend Rob who was in town for the holiday.  It was my turn to show Rob around – he hadn’t spent much time in Downtown Orlando since moving away – and he took me out on the town a couple of times in NYC, so I figured I should return the favor.   We hit several downtown bar establishments  including  Vixen, Sky Sixty, and BackBooth and Rob was surprised to see how much had changed.  I told him we may or may not run into some people I know – but sure enough we ran into at least 5 peeps… Orlando, especially the downtown scene, can feel small – and lately seems to feel smaller and smaller.  Is that my cue to exit?
The funniest part of the evening was running into this guy I didn’t know but apparently he recognized me – and sure enough produced a photo of he and I near Pine Street on Halloween night.  I began to vaguely remember him… He said I was the girl in the posters around Downtown – and that I was local celebrity.  Ha ha!  What I’m wondering is what posters he is referring to, and where the hell are they?!
As I mentioned earlier our evening ended at Bananas complete with the perfectly entertaining wait staff, comfort food, and cotton candy.  I went all out and order the chicken & waffles solely based on its name.  It was unreal – two very large fried chicken breasts accompanied by a fluffy buttermilk waffle all covered in country-style, thick, white gravy.   I made a dent in it but it was a classic case of my eyes being a hell of a lot bigger than my stomach.  But it was crazy good and now I can at least say I’ve had it.  As for Rob he had the breakfast burrito and loved every bite.  Thankfully the mile walk back  helped to burn off a few guilty calories.

I’ll be seeing the gym a lot this week.

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FUN in Miami, two EPIC shows, my 1st official EP release… not yet a rock star, but i can pretend.

There I was last night contemplating whether or not to get started on this post about my weekly … uh… ten day recap, when I got the 7:00pm call from John Paul with the news that I was anxiously awaiting. Hell YES! We were going to see MASSIVE ATTACK with Thievery Corporation at Hard Rock Live. I don’t know how these random opportunities keep happening to me, but I’ve stopped questioning it – and instead I roll with it… and speaking of rolling… We rolled up last night at about 8:45 in the Jag (which I had been wanting to ride in for some time now – and until recently it was in the shop) We were so COOL that we kept the windows down despite the 91 degree heat. I know it’s Florida, but what gives? Wasn’t it a cool 65 less than a week ago? As we approached the will call line after our 100 mile commute on foot from the parking garage to the venue, I immediately recognized a tall thin man standing near the entrance. It was Gary, from KUSH – I love that place, and I love Gary – such a sweetheart, but I may have embarrassed him just a bit when I yelled out towards JP, “HEY, THIS IS GARY, HE OWNS KUSH!”- and now I recently I embarrassed myself. :\ The show was brilliant and I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would. Soooooooo Goooooood – I am now adding Thievery Corporation to my list of “LIKES”. I may not be a rock star, yet – but having a week like this and I can almost pretend…. I don’t think I’ve ever hit two concerts on back to back days – seems kind of extravagant.  Tuesday night I saw Phoenix at the House of Blues – and they blew me away. I knew they were going to be excellent but they were better. Listening to them live was like indulging in a glass of Dom Pérignon Rosé accompanied by a chocolate truffle soufflé – after all, they are French. Over the past weekend I went on a mini excursion to my beloved MIAMI – to hang with my beautiful and unfairly tall sister – Emily, catch a Hurricanes game, and pick up some strange (kidding – just wanted to see if you were paying attention.) It was great to finally hang with my little sis and her girlfriends – and I had been meaning to see her ‘non campus-dorm room’ digs for a while. She has a pretty sweet place – despite her complaints about the management and long list of “a la carte” add on fees – but it’s really nice… better than most of the apartments I had during my college days with a couple of exceptions. Her roommate Liv is a trip – and she holds the record for best quotes of the weekend. We tailgated with a proper setup minus a grill – subs, chips, salsa, 7 layer bean dip, and beer with koozies to boot. We drank and ate and were very merry mingling with Miami fans and students alike. We decided it would be a good idea to go into the stadium about 20 minutes before the game in order to get decent seats – except just as we began to pack everything up it began to rain – so instead we jumped into the car with some of the various food items we were about to pack up, and a very serious Liz shouted, “WAIT, but wait…. Did anyone bring in the dip?” At first I laughed, but then my next thought was – wait how long do you think we are going to be in here? Thankfully, not long.  The downpour was typical – heavy and quick, and it wasn’t long before we were stadium side trying to find the appropriate gate.  Apparently we were just one over from the correct student entrance – but rather than turning around – we took the “scenic route” and we kept walking forward – ultimately walking around the entire perimeter. FAIL. The girls were a little miserable after that, and well it was pretty dumb, but I tried to stay up beat – on the bright side, we did need the exercise after all that beer and starch. Tailgating is fun – but we pre-gamed a little too hard… this was obvious because we were the only four girls quietly sitting while everyone else was standing and rowdy. While we were sitting down being lame, and my sis was distracted trying to avoid being seen by an ex-boyfriend, I had my own little distraction. Sitting in the club seats up one level and about 4 rows behind us was a very good-looking guy. I turned to Emily, Liv, and Claire and said, “See that guy up there, he is most definitely the hottest guy I’ve seen here.” Now that normally wouldn’t probably be saying much considering the fact that we were surrounded by frat guys (whom I find utterly grotesque) but this guy actually was SUPA CUTE, and of course I had to look back a few times. As I turned around one last time to spot the “eye candy”, his friend smiled at me and motioned for me to come over.  I turned to Emily, smiled, and said I’ll be right back. He must have thought I was cute too because he gave me two tickets for the club level. I tried to convince Emily to go with me – but she passed. I went up to the club level which is pretty nice by-the-way, and chatted with the two guys for a bit before the girls wanted to jump bail to avoid mad traffic. They were both in their early 30s – and the conversation started off respectable, but after the cute guy’s response, “you should go as a playboy bunny” after asking me about my Halloween plans, I realized that men never really change, and perhaps I would have had more stimulating conversation with one of the college boys. Pfft. After we got back from the game I met up with my Dan and his buddy Mike in the old stomping grounds of Coconut Grove. They were watching a fight at Sandbar, a local staple that hadn’t changed a bit from the days when I used to dance on their tables. Mike was so surprised to see me – he was actually shocked, apparently Dan forgot to mention I was coming – it happens, and it was kind of amusing because he had been drinking for a while and my explanation wasn’t exactly clicking for him. We hung out for a few drinks and I actually stood there with the boys watching a man’s face get beaten in to a pulp on national television before we left to make our way to their buddy Ryan’s place. I’ve met Ryan a few times – so it was no big deal to pop by – what WAS strange when we arrived at his place was that Ryan was not there, and instead there were two 14 year-old boys, and two sleeping 60 year-old men…. I guess they were family, or family friends. Mike and I played beer pong with the boys until Ryan and his entourage arrived from drinking post Miami game. Don’t worry! The little boys had water filled in their cups. On Sunday, Emily and I went for sushi and it was so good I’m still thinking about it.  We hit a newish place called RA Sushi  in South Miami – it had a very posh interior and decent outdoor seating.  The menu had some very interesting  starters and their specialty sushi had an unusual twist with funky names like “Hot Mess” and “RA Lollipop”.  We split the New Zealand Roll with mango and kiwi and the Spicey Rice Crispy Treats – and it was so delicious – I even took a picture – those rolls look so sexy.

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