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just a quickie…. the spring/summer recap.

Schools out – and as for me… I’ve been on summer vacation (from blogging) since May.  No, I haven’t disappeared, gone into protective custody, solitary confinement,  or joined a convent.   My excuse? I’ve been BUSY, and despite all the crazy changes taking place in my life – I haven’t been inspired to Blog.  So for now we’ll leave it at that.   I’ve simply been filling my time… and let’s face it, it’s a difficult and occasionally daunting task to recount 3 months worth of activities.

This is one of those occasions… but because I suffer from severe Catholic Guilt Syndrome (CGS), to the point of feeling guilty about not keeping this thing up-to-date, I have decided to bullet point my highlights since May.

MAY at a glance…

  • May 7: My Cousin’s Weekend Wedding in VEGAS-  It was my first time there, and I liked it even though I went through nearly an entire tube of chap-stick.  It was also a success considering I made it back with my money, dignity, and NO vague memories of getting hitched by a man in an Elvis suit…
  • May 21: I played a killer show at The Social with Andy Matchett and the Minks, Circus, and Soulbirds.
  • Tracked the beginning of my new EP set to drop by the end of this summer.

JUNE- Springing into Summer…
  • Played shows at Firestone Lot, Backbooth, and The Social all within a week of each other – it was insane but quite a rush.
  • June 4: MATT & KIM show @ Firestone Live!!!
  • June 17: Partied (a little too hard) at my little brother’s bar-mitzvah – but had a blast – and I’m so proud of him.
  • June 30: Caught Florence And The Machine at Hard Rock Live – FREAKING AMAZING!
JULY…. so far.
  • 4th of July @ Clearwater Beach with the Family
  • July 7: Attended Animal Collective (very trippy indeed) at The Beacham (My new Favorite Venue)
  • And I am currently in the middle of renovating and decorating my new studio.  – my own little music space…. I’m so happy.  🙂
  • I am also working on new material and re-writes for my EP. Woo hoo!  
Things are certainly taking shape – and I will be adding more show dates to my calendar soon…. This fall is going to be incredible – I can FEEL it.
PS:  shout out to all my DPR friends!  DOG POWERED ROBOT was picked Best Fringe Show – in the Orlando Weekly’s 2011 “Best of” – well deserved guys!
Now back to summer vacay.
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april in all its glory; 2 MUCH 2 TYPE

Well I don’t think I’ve ever been this late on getting in my bi-weekly, tri-weekly, quarterly blogity blog post, but better late than never…. I guess.  And Holy WOW – it’s been over a year since I started this thing…. jeez.  There is so much going on right now… where do I start?  Some very exciting changes are taking place – but I refuse to jinx anything so I won’t get too specific.  I will tell you that I am working vigorously on my new material (literally in the studio working on “One And Only” right now) hopefully to release sometime this summer or late spring  – and it’s going to be 100x better than the previous release.  I have a show in May at The Social – pretty stoked about that, and it’s with Andy Matchett and The Minks, Circus, and Soulbirds.  The FRINGE Festival will also be coming up at the end of May and then I will slide into the summer.

To recap (briefly because I think I might go insane if I try to recount everything):

I played two shows at Florida Music Fest, my showcase on Thursday, April 7th at 57 West and an acoustic set that Friday night at Cafe Annies as part of the Indie Film Jam.  Both shows went great and even better was the opportunity to chum it up with other musicians and industry cats.  My cousin Jeremy was in attendance at FMF, with the band he manages, Chelsea Automatic.  I had a blast hanging out with those guys fo sho!  And their showcase at the BackBooth FedeX stage was killer.  I danced my ass off.

On the 16th I attended The WPRK 91.5 Comes Alive at the House of Blues and once again I was blown away by Andy Matchett And The Minks’  incredible performance.  Those guys are hands down my favorite local band.  I grin ear to ear every time I see them.  What was even better about this performance was a surprise cameo by Dog Powered Robot and newly added Lollibot.  The guy standing next to me gave me a strange look when I began singing along to the DPR theme tune… I can imagine it was somewhat “in stereo” sounding to him.  womp womp… In any case it was brilliant and the crowd loved it.

Speaking of the big blue robot… we had our Fringe Preview on Monday, April 18 and the crowd went wild.  It always seems to be a WTF?!?! moment when Dog Powered Robot makes an appearance, but this time for sure they weren’t expecting our team because the Fringe producers told them we wouldn’t be able to make it.  Ha ha – we sure fooled them.

The days and weeks as usual, are seemingly running together and it seems like there is more to cover than I feel like typing, sooooo… Just as my mom texted me a few days ago regarding family dinner plans, “2 MUCH 2 TEXT”  I will simply leave you with this:

2 Much 2 TYPE.


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dog powered robot in full effect. and i get to be a part of it. :)

Here it is! The DOG POWERED ROBOT  music video is complete and it has gone viral!  Our rehearsals are moving along and we are campaigning like crazy to get the word out about our show this May at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival.  It is officially the first full length DPR production, titled Dog Powered Robot and the History of the Future, and it’s going to be packed with new characters, special effects, music, and a brilliant cast of players including the lovable Fisher (The Pomeranian that powers the big blue bot).

There will be show memorabilia as well which has already been circulating since the DPR Fundraiser earlier this month.  It’s been a trip and an amazing creative adventure to be a part of.  If you are in Orlando during the second half of May – I suggest you do yourself a favor and come see the show – your inner child will thank you.



Dog Powered Robot Credits:
Evan Miga – Creator, Director
Josh Sales – Camera, Lighting, Effects
Music – David Traver
Theme Song  – David Traver and Britt Daley
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‘spreading the love’… then stomping on it: music is easier.

I had an amazing time at WMC!  The weather was perfect – and the networking was tight.  The highlights are as follows: 1. Attending the 26th Annual International Dance Music Awards (IDMAs)  – DEV & The Cataracts Performed (best bit for sure). 2. Sneaking in a sushi date with my sis.  3. Catching up with my college professor/adviser, Rey Sanchez during the Remixing Panel. 4. Meeting Robin S. vocalist behind the 90’s tune “You’ve got to show me love”. 5. And of course taking in that beautiful South Florida sunny sunshine … with SPF 50 of course.  😉

My BackBooth gig was also amazing because, despite it being a Tuesday night show, the turnout was pretty, pretty good.  HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who came out to support!  Additionally Jacuzzihidive was a ‘fantasmagasmic’ opener with great energy and catchy tunes.  Check them out http://www.jacuzzihidive.com – your ears will thank you.

Yea last week was pretty good.  Things have been pretty good overall, my new EP project is moving along nicely – all songs are in the production phase, Dog Powered Robot rehearsals are well under way with a highly entertaining script, I finished writing the extended version of the DPR theme song, I ‘spread love’ by passing out positive affirmations at the Winter Park Art Festival, had a super cool Sunday FUNday attempting to ride a motorized skateboard and to top it all off I’m surrounded by people who love me.

One would think, “That sounds GREAT Britt, Lucky girl, go get ‘em!”  Well maybe not exactly that – but something along those lines… right?  Well then, WTF is my problem?  What on Earth is making me act like such a brat… complete ‘A-hole’ to the people who care about me the most?  Is it because I think I can, and simply get away with it? Maybe I don’t want to let anyone in or  get to close to me? That’s right, stay where you are, at an arm’s length please… so I can be comfortable.

As I type this I am realizing how tragic and horrible that sounds.  Especially regarding my behavior last night, which was not cute and quite repulsive at best.  I’m not going to go into the awful details because they don’t deserve to be memorialized on the World Wide Web

But I will say this…

Out of a list of lame excuses, (none of them good enough to stand alone) including fear, insecure feelings, and self-sabotaging strategies, I managed to hurt someone I care about.  This person has put a lot on the line emotionally and has been completely open and vulnerable with me.  And here I am stomping out the chance of having something that is truly meaningful and real.

I honestly don’t know if that person will read this, I don’t know what’s going to happen.  I don’t know if I am even ready for this, and judging by my episode last night I would say, I most certainly am not.  But then again, are we ever truly ready when lovely, unexpected, people sneak up on us?

If you are reading this, I am so sorry, and sorry doesn’t even begin to cut it. You don’t deserve this kind of treatment, and honestly you deserve so much more… more than I am giving.   I certainly don’t have it together, and I am confused as hell, but you were right.  I can’t let go that easily – and I would like it if you stuck around.  If you don’t want to, I’ll understand.  It’s like you said, you’ll be fine, and I’ll be fine… but ‘fine’ is bleh.

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a v-day kiss… of sorts, DP Army, and a slide into my own march madness… boy am i a busy girl.

Dear Readers… I haven’t forgotten about you… I’m actually embarrassed that it’s almost been a month since my last post.  FAIL.  But holy wowzers have I been a busy girl.  In fact nothing has slowed down, and for that I’m thankful.  🙂

Let’s start with ‘Single Awareness Day’ or Valentine’s Day whichever you prefer (yes I know it’s nearly St. Patrick’s Day but I must recap). I participated in a performance art concept piece, Kiss Tones, by Brian Feldman.  It was a 2 hour gimmick in which I performed my own original songs, and then upon request and a small $10 fee, I also performed some “evergreens”  (standards) mainly Jazz/ Musical \Theater – esque into the mouths of observers/participants.  Now, you’re probably thinking, WTF?  It wasn’t really kissing it literally was singing into their open mouths, but only after a mouth inspection by Brian Feldman, and a 30 second Scope swishing.  This was a precaution that I was very fond of.  You can watch a clip from the performance HERE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9w0Ll7rfoZ4).  I’m sure will find it strange and adorably quirky.  Other than publicly sabotaging my career I was asked out on a date by one of the observers, Scott – and of course being the sweet heart I am, I obliged and we’ll simply leave it at that for now… 😉

Ok what else?… Ah yes I did yet another photo shoot with my girl and awesome photographer Rima Nassar!  We ran around Downtown Orlando during the last couple hours of daylight, and after 5 locations, and 5 outfits we called it a wrap.  I can’t wait to see them and from the few shots Rima showed me on her camera, they were lookin’ pretty, pretty good.

In other news, the new DOG POWERED ROBOT production, Dog Powered Robot and the History of the Future, is well underway.  The DPR team or ‘DP Army’ has been working on creating new bots, merch, and video teasers.  It has been one hell of a ride.  We had an entire Saturday dedicated to the creation of new DPR merch for the Thursday, March 10th DOG POWERED ROBOT Fringe Show Fundraiser at Blank Space (which is this week, woop woop!), Thomas Thorspeken even came out to capture the day in his sketch book.  The team made limited edition T-Shirts, buttons, and posters which will be available for purchase.  We also had our first ever cast read through, and hit the Fab Fringe night to promote, promote, promote.  Additionally, Josh Geoghagen (DPR script writer) and I had an interview with Jeremy Seghers, host of Out And About on WPRK 91.5 this past Friday, in which we discussed the creation of Dog Powered Robot and the upcoming Fringe Show this MAY.  You can catch the entire interview HERE (http://outandabout.podbean.com/2011/03/04/dog-powered-robot/).

Also, If you haven’t seen the promo video teasers yet, you simply must check them out.  Click on the following links to view them, I promise you will not regret it.

Other than that I’ve been working feverishly on my Sophomore release coming at you this SPRING 2011 – AWE YEA – I can’t wait! I have 4 of 5 songs finished and Chris has been working his producer magic on them.  I am literally finishing the lyrics/melody to the last song of the project, titled, Out of Control (and it’s going to be sick, sick, sick.)  I’m feeling really good about this new EP, mainly because I think I have a much better sense of what it is I want to do musically and artistically.  This year has been a tremendous year of growth for me.  I am also excited to announce that I will be performing at least 2 new songs at my next show, TUES, MARCH 15 at BackBooth.  It will be an entirely Electronic/Indie/Pop show, with a killer opening act, Jacuzzihidive (Las Vegas).  I think this show will definitely take things to the next level for me.  If you’re local come out, this coming TUES!  I promise NOT to disappoint!  Only sweet sounds and “ear-gasms”!

I’ve been super busy,  but as they say, “Work hard, play hard”  – and I managed to get in a little playtime over the past few weeks including a game of croquet at Lake Eola with my friends of the Orlando Broken Hearts Croquet Club, a birthday bash at Stardust Video & Coffee, and a night of dancing er… geeking it up at Eye Spy and Midnight Mass at BackBooth.

Well Dahlings, that’s all for now.  I’m currently in SOUTH BEACH attending WMC …. and on that note…. I’m peacing out and going for a mojito.  😉

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la la land, a dream ticket … somebody pinch me – i must be dreaming.

The days are seriously getting away from me!!!  So much has happened – happening – going to happen…. it’s insane… and so I want to make this short and sweet… well I’m going to try…

L.A. baby –  oh how you fluster me…

My trip to LA was EPIC!  Attending the TAXI Road Rally was exactly what I needed.  I networked my ass off, and met tons of inspiring and driven songwriters, artists, and industry professionals.  It was four days filled with invaluable insights into songwriting, song-pitching, the current state of the music industry and more.  I briefly sat down with legendary A&R executive Don Grierson to discuss “Here I Go”, the opening track on my EP Unsupervised – he gave me great feedback and we discussed the direction I should take it in and what the next steps should be.

There were 5 Listening Panels over the weekend, during which songs were randomly selected from  drop boxes… Well, I should have played the lottery that weekend because, “Here I Go” was randomly selected twice!  The response was positive during both the A&R Panel and the Producer Panel – which left me feeling pretty damn good.

The networking  was sick!  Between the sessions and the happy hours I met tons of kool katz, like Sergio Ruelas (Apogee Electronics), Hani Latif (TAXI), Syd Alston (Nupop Entertainment/ Discmakers) Karl Louis (A&R consultant & producer), and even Mike Laskow (Founder & President/CEO of TAXI), just to name a few.  All of them were super encouraging and many of them happen to be songwriters/artists/musicians in their own right.

One of the highlights was randomly collaborating with Sergio, and two other TAXI members, Michael Hazani and Duff Watrous.  We ended up writing a song in just two hours that Saturday night!  And, I’m obviously biased, but I think it has serious potential – I’ve already begun working on it in the studio and I have every intention of including it on my next EP project.  The rush I got from that experience was better than any drug … at least that I can imagine…. 😉

I didn’t get to see as much of Los Angeles as I would have liked – but I did manage to get in a few hours of joyriding with my good friend and aspiring actor Nick Cobey.  He drove me through most of Beverly Hills, West hollywood, Malibu, Coldwater Canyon, and Mulholland Drive.  I also got in a couple of nights on the town in West Hollywood with Nick and Friends, and then Venice/Santa Monica with my gurrrrl and rising starlet Sarah Schreiber.  I had a great time and now I’m torn between NY and LA!  gah!  I have decided however, that L.A. deserves one more visit before I make the BIG decision – and so I plan to go again in May, stay a bit longer, and if Sarah is down – raise Hell!  ha ha!

Britt?  The NEXT American Idol?!  What the What?!?

This past Sunday I was dragged over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, by who else but my parents.  I thought we were simply going to EPCOT for the final day of the Food & Wine Festival, but they had other plans in mind.  They pushed me to audition for the American Idol Experience.  I did it last year and made it through to the finale show, but was beat out by a house wife who was visiting the parks as part of a massive family reunion.  She was good – and I guess “Natural Woman” is a crowd pleaser.
Well this time there was no house wife competition, and I WON!  Thank you – Mom and Dad for pushing me to do it again – because I now hold one of the coveted “dream tickets”…. which means that I will not have to wait in the 5 mile long line for 24 hours to audition for the real American Idol.  Oh yes – I will audition this summer for the 2012 Season…  because I NEVER pass up an OPPORTUNITY – and now I don’t have an excuse to skip it.

In other NEWS…

Dog Powered Robot was selected for the 2011 Orlando International Fringe Festival to take place this coming May!  Yeoooow!  I have not seen the script yet… but it’s titled: Dog Powered Robot and the History of the Future and I’m sure it will blow your mind circuits.  You can check out the live  footage from the original production here, if you haven’t already experienced the awesomeness that is DPR!


I’m LIVE this Friday at The Cameo with The Actomatics and Everyday Ghosts … so come out!  It’s sure to be a gooooooood time.  Besides I know you’ll want to see what I’m wearing (courtesy of Dechoes Resale) …  currrazzzy!

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chi-Town, the ART of seduction, DPR the music video, GaGa, and my frenemy the jalapeño

I am in NYC – and last night I went to see Ga Ga! It was Awesome… But first the past two weeks. 😉

My weekend in Chi- Town was FANTASTIC – no I didn’t tour the city, eat deep dish pizza, or go to a comedy club – but rather spent time catching up with the side of the family I hadn’t seen in about 10 years.  It was my great Aunt Shirley’s 80th Surprise Birthday Celebration and my family and I flew up for the festivities.  The celebration was exactly that, a giant “to-do” at the Palmer House complete with beautifully set tables, delicious brunch stations, wondrous desert display, and open bar.  There was also a jazz ensemble lead by Stanley Paul along with several photogs running around trying to capture each guest upon arrival and every “Kodak moment” – I hope to see these pictures soon.   I wore the silk black & white with a hint of red, strapless dress that I wore to the Red Chair Affair – despite my previous comments of most likely never wearing it again… this dress is special because it’s not ‘red’ – and it felt good to have already gotten two uses out of it – economy dress shopping at its finest.

During the party I sang a few songs with the band, the first, “Make Someone Happy” – which I recently sang with my college classmates at our friend Michal’s wedding, seemed appropriate for this milestone celebration.  My aunt has done a lot of ‘making people happy’ over the years and I knew she would like the song.  I also sang a couple of jazz standards, and butchered “All That Jazz” – note to self – DO NOT attempt to sing something you “think” you know, without proper lead sheets.  Fail.  Luckily I redeemed myself with “Orange Colored Sky”, one of the few songs I can sing at the drop of hat.  The best part of the whole thing was of course the look of surprise mixed with tears of happiness on my aunt’s face when she entered the ballroom where she was greeted by all her family and many friends from over the years – truly magical.

The rest of our weekend consisted of cookouts at the family homes, catching up on life, playing music with my cousins, and just simply enjoying each other’s company.  It was awesome to reconnect with my musical cousins, Quinton, Nick, and Jeremy – all of them talented and involved with music in some capacity.  Quinton recently recorded an album for his mom– (my great Aunt) and both Jeremy and Nick are involved with bands.  Nick also works as music engineer and has offered to master my EP scheduled to release … SOON.  You can check out Jeremy’s band, Chelsea Automatic and Nick’s band Danger Silent.  My Family is soooo freaking talented!

I returned to a rainy, humid O-Town on Monday evening – Labor Day, not to unwind from my trip, oh no – not even for a moment, but rather to continue working on and finalizing my piece for Creative Mind Experiment 2 (CME 2), which I like to call:  CRAZY MIND EXPERIMENT, because let’s face it – everyone involved is a little on the crazy side, including me.

I had actually been working out the lyrics for my piece the week before we left for Chicago, continued working on them while in the Windy City, and finally finished them on the Tuesday night – just in time for the Wednesday night Tech Rehearsal at Cameo Theatre.  So as you can probably imagine – I was nowhere near being memorized for my tech rehearsal and got about half way through the number when I completely blanked out and stood there like a deer in headlights – in 1960’s style lingerie.  Let me bring you up to speed.  The source material for the CME 2 participants was the seduction scene from “The Graduate” – so my initial thought was to do a campy, mid- 1960’s style strip tease to the tune of “Sun-Porch Cha Cha Cha” (the background score from the scene).  Of course, because I love a challenge and I didn’t think a strip tease alone would be creative/crazy enough – I decided to write a song (lyrics and vocal melody) to accompany the tune, choreography, and the removal of articles of clothing… pill box hat and long white gloves included.  My CME was a short musical scene titled, The Art of Seduction – a man (played by Christopher McCown of 91.5 WPRK and BRIAN FELDMAN’s Roommate – I owe him a HUGE thank you) and a woman (played by yours truly) are out for a drink, there is a lighting shift, and the woman sings the song “The Art of Seduction” (my  derivative piece) to the audience as her ‘inner monologue’ – in reality she is doing a mental strip tease – but of course that isn’t nearly as interesting for the audience, so they get the real strip tease…   And I did it!  Wrote, Choreographed, and Starred in my own little musical piece.

After I blew it during the tech rehearsal – I went into over drive rehearsal mode – I refused to let that happen during a real performance, and I took the whole thing very seriously.  I wanted it to come off as polished.  And the multiple living room run-throughs paid off.  I was featured in the two Friday night performances and my piece won in the category of “Expand your idea into a full-length production – and I will come see it” both times… So I was invited back Saturday night for the Legends Performance – and won it again – best of the best.  It felt good – my hard work and freaking out paid off.  What did I win?  Three Hershey’s bars and the opportunity to expand my idea…. The Art of Seduction the musical?  I think I have my work cut out me… maybe a cabaret.

On a quick side note – Saturday was spent shooting the music video for DOG POWERED ROBOT.  It was a blast!  We shot in front of a giant green screen, and had back up dancers t boot.  I cant wait to see the final project, but for now there are a few photos from the shoot, and even a “doctored” photo of me in a fantasy world where rainbows are tangible and unicorns stare at you disapprovingly – courtesy of Evan Miga (see below).  I will be appearing in this music video not only as the kick ass DPR singer strutting a cardboard corset but I will be in hologram form.  Yes, my childhood fantasy of becoming a Hologram (think Jem and the Holograms) has finally come true. 

To celebrate my CME killing er… winning I went out for a drink with my partner in crime – Christopher, and his local celebrity performance artist roommate, Brian Feldman.  We hit Washburn Imports (a vintage furniture shop in the Ivanhoe district that also happens to have a bar that serves beer and wine).  It was great conversation but I ended up getting a severe upset stomach – that felt like a huge ball of acid growing up into my esophagus – (apparently it was the combination of malbec and the sample of the  jalapeño infused cocktail creation, called “Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson”,  courtesy of Christina Ruiz’s contribution to CME2)  It was so awful I couldn’t finish the wine, ended up eating two pieces of bread at the next bar – and ultimately needed to purchase pepto bismal max at the Walgreens across the way.  All the while Brian and Chris were very concerned…  They were so concerned that Brian drove my car home, and Chris followed.  (I’m not kidding – I wanted to keel over.)  We got back to my place – and finally the pepto kicked in – AND like MAGIC, the acid ball disappeared.  I felt bad about cutting the evening short so I invited them to come in.  For their sake they probably should have gone home at this point because I subjected them to an evening of narcissistic me (I know I’m a little narcissistic – I write a blog about me)…  making them listen to my new tracks, showing them old pictures, and worst of all reading aloud one of my blog entries.  They were really good sports because I would want to kill me for that.  I’m a little embarrassed about it.  We stayed up until some un-godly AM hour – but it was cool.

And now… I’m  in NY and loving every second of it.  but we’ll leave at that for now.  I highly recommend going to see GaGa – it was one hell of a spectacle.

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