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a v-day kiss… of sorts, DP Army, and a slide into my own march madness… boy am i a busy girl.

Dear Readers… I haven’t forgotten about you… I’m actually embarrassed that it’s almost been a month since my last post.  FAIL.  But holy wowzers have I been a busy girl.  In fact nothing has slowed down, and for that I’m thankful.  🙂

Let’s start with ‘Single Awareness Day’ or Valentine’s Day whichever you prefer (yes I know it’s nearly St. Patrick’s Day but I must recap). I participated in a performance art concept piece, Kiss Tones, by Brian Feldman.  It was a 2 hour gimmick in which I performed my own original songs, and then upon request and a small $10 fee, I also performed some “evergreens”  (standards) mainly Jazz/ Musical \Theater – esque into the mouths of observers/participants.  Now, you’re probably thinking, WTF?  It wasn’t really kissing it literally was singing into their open mouths, but only after a mouth inspection by Brian Feldman, and a 30 second Scope swishing.  This was a precaution that I was very fond of.  You can watch a clip from the performance HERE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9w0Ll7rfoZ4).  I’m sure will find it strange and adorably quirky.  Other than publicly sabotaging my career I was asked out on a date by one of the observers, Scott – and of course being the sweet heart I am, I obliged and we’ll simply leave it at that for now… 😉

Ok what else?… Ah yes I did yet another photo shoot with my girl and awesome photographer Rima Nassar!  We ran around Downtown Orlando during the last couple hours of daylight, and after 5 locations, and 5 outfits we called it a wrap.  I can’t wait to see them and from the few shots Rima showed me on her camera, they were lookin’ pretty, pretty good.

In other news, the new DOG POWERED ROBOT production, Dog Powered Robot and the History of the Future, is well underway.  The DPR team or ‘DP Army’ has been working on creating new bots, merch, and video teasers.  It has been one hell of a ride.  We had an entire Saturday dedicated to the creation of new DPR merch for the Thursday, March 10th DOG POWERED ROBOT Fringe Show Fundraiser at Blank Space (which is this week, woop woop!), Thomas Thorspeken even came out to capture the day in his sketch book.  The team made limited edition T-Shirts, buttons, and posters which will be available for purchase.  We also had our first ever cast read through, and hit the Fab Fringe night to promote, promote, promote.  Additionally, Josh Geoghagen (DPR script writer) and I had an interview with Jeremy Seghers, host of Out And About on WPRK 91.5 this past Friday, in which we discussed the creation of Dog Powered Robot and the upcoming Fringe Show this MAY.  You can catch the entire interview HERE (http://outandabout.podbean.com/2011/03/04/dog-powered-robot/).

Also, If you haven’t seen the promo video teasers yet, you simply must check them out.  Click on the following links to view them, I promise you will not regret it.

Other than that I’ve been working feverishly on my Sophomore release coming at you this SPRING 2011 – AWE YEA – I can’t wait! I have 4 of 5 songs finished and Chris has been working his producer magic on them.  I am literally finishing the lyrics/melody to the last song of the project, titled, Out of Control (and it’s going to be sick, sick, sick.)  I’m feeling really good about this new EP, mainly because I think I have a much better sense of what it is I want to do musically and artistically.  This year has been a tremendous year of growth for me.  I am also excited to announce that I will be performing at least 2 new songs at my next show, TUES, MARCH 15 at BackBooth.  It will be an entirely Electronic/Indie/Pop show, with a killer opening act, Jacuzzihidive (Las Vegas).  I think this show will definitely take things to the next level for me.  If you’re local come out, this coming TUES!  I promise NOT to disappoint!  Only sweet sounds and “ear-gasms”!

I’ve been super busy,  but as they say, “Work hard, play hard”  – and I managed to get in a little playtime over the past few weeks including a game of croquet at Lake Eola with my friends of the Orlando Broken Hearts Croquet Club, a birthday bash at Stardust Video & Coffee, and a night of dancing er… geeking it up at Eye Spy and Midnight Mass at BackBooth.

Well Dahlings, that’s all for now.  I’m currently in SOUTH BEACH attending WMC …. and on that note…. I’m peacing out and going for a mojito.  😉

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’tis the season… to rock out with your cocktails out!

I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas….. yikes! And what have I done to get into the holiday season?  Well… I spent some time with the family and with my colleagues (not at the same time) at Disney – let’s face it – Disney knows how to decorate for the holidays.  I braved the much colder than normal Florida temps, decorated my little apartment – but skipped the tree, made a roasted pear cranberry galette (a fancy word for tart) watched a few Christmas flicks, and closed a  set with an abbreviated modern take on “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”…

Which brings me to this past Wednesday night.  Me and the boys played a set at Blank Space located Downtown near Lake Eola.  It was all to benefit DRIP, a Performance Art Company in Orlando that uses mixed visual elements such as paint, sand, and water with music, movement, and dance.  They are getting ready to launch their new rock show, Riff, and the event Wednesday night cleverly titled, “Rock Out with Your Cocktails Out” was created in order to raise some much-needed dough to get Riff off the ground.

I was happy to participate, providing a portion of the entertainment for the evening.  The turn out was fantastic, somewhere between 80 – 100 patrons, which is significant for Blank Space, a relatively small bar/art house.  I have to thank my band again – we were super tight and they definitely brought it.

Some other cool highlights of the night were:  SPEED PAINTING with Tony Corbitt, who claimed there would be no gimmicks but then proceeded to remove his shirt before beginning his masterpiece.  SEXY SPOKEN WORD by the amazing Tod Caviness and a bunch of guys he knows centered around key words like wet, messy, and rock n’ roll that can all be used to describe Riff.  HUMAN BODY PAINT BY NUMBERS… need I explain?  MUSICAL GUESTS Matthew Dodenhoff, yours truly, and the famous Thomas Wynn minus The Believers. AND lastly DUN DUN DUN!!!!!  the DATE AUCTION in which guests were encouraged to bid on a fun date night with a DRIPPIE (a DRIP Performer) or  ME – “the beautiful singer/songwriter, Britt Daley!” – as DRIP’s Artistic Director, Mariko described.  Awwwwe she’s sweet.  And of course much of it, if not all of it was captured by Thomas Thorspecken, Author of Analog Artist/Digital World and Orlando’s very own talented Sketch Artist.

I was indeed “auctioned” off for a date night… all for a good cause of course, and I went for a whopping $200.  Not to shabby, A very generous guy by the name Jim outbid everyone, because as he put it, “I didn’t want you to go out cheap.”  And we have our date set for the first Wednesday of the new year.  We will be going to SAK Comedy Lab, and don’t worry I told him we’d go Dutch – since he’d already spent enough for one night.

Tonight kicks off my 2 week Christmas Vacation (the National Lampoon theme song is ringing in my head) WOOP, WOOP!!!! 🙂  And tomorrow I open for Everyday Ghosts and The Roy Jay Band at Orlando Brewing Co.  It should be a good time.  If you’re looking for something to do come hang out – we should be kicking off around 9:00pm, there’s excellent beer there, and best of all NO COVER = FREE FUN!  yippi.

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This past week and a half  has been insane, and that is why I am blogging on a Friday.  With all of the craziness I simply could not find he time until now.  Ooooookkkkaaaaayyyy…

Week in Review JUN 1 – errr…. we’ll stop on Tuesday, JUN 8… Ok – yes, I went to TAKEOVR on TUESDAY, which has now become a weekly thing for me I guess, and I’m not bored yet, so I will continue to go until something better comes my way.  WEDNESDAY night I was supposed to be UP! @ SKYSIXTY but a hurricane came through – not exactly ‘rooftop spinning’ weather, so I stayed in and watched Best In Show with a friend.  THURSDAY evening I attended PLAYGROUND Magazine’s Summer Issue Launch Party at BLANK SPACE –  A venue which may be described as the following “COFFEE SHOP meets WINE BAR meets CONTEMPORARY ART LOUNGE meets MODERN Art installation GALLERY meets struggling ARTIST workspace”… etc…  It was a friendly gathering of mom’s and dad’s, contributors, writers, and photographers over Southern delights, wine, and COOKIES. And not just any kind of cookies but DESIGNER cookies.  yum.  And oh yes, there was  ping-pong.

FRIDAY, however, was the day I was most anticipating, literally counting down the hours.  I had been invited on a Girls Only excursion to the brand spanking new Waldorf Astoria to lounge poolside – Margaritas and  piña coladas were on the menu, and heels and giant hats would be required.  UM YES!  I got the OK from the boss to take a half day, made an appointment at Depiwax and even designed a logo in honor of the occasion, that said it all –  “I LIKE FUN.”

…but that morning the thunder rolled, and the rain followed, and my hopes of sunbathing in the presence of hot pool boys with drink trays began to slip away…. Sarah, the mastermind behind our ‘funday’ was not about to let a little rain ruin our day, and had a back up plan that involved less travel.  So we suited up with heels, hats, and obnoxiously big sunglasses and hit the road.  We made a quick stop for a few beach towels and a hula-hoop, then arrived at our destination – The Red Fox Lounge pool.  Who needs the Waldorf when you  have the Mt. Vernon Best Western  just a few miles down the road.  If you are a local and you haven’t been there, do yourself a favor and go – it’s sure to make you smile and take you back about four decades.  We had a blast, avoided most of the rain, and still drank poolside.  And the best part was the look on the guys faces as the four of us strutted through the pool gate in designer heels and hats, channeling Sex and the City, and carrying a hula-hoop.  Priceless.

I originally didn’t have any plans for SATURDAY night, but Sarah, her sister, and her hubby took me hostage and we hit KUSH ULTRA LOUNGE, where the walls and sleek modern furniture are white, the air is thick with cotton candy flavored hookah smoke,  and the owner, Gary Schwartz, is super friendly.  I had the pleasure meeting all of the Schwartz brothers that evening and I had my debut in the KUSH VIP ROOM, all of it captured camera.

On SUNDAY I attended another girls only event, Pinklight Bazaar.  It was my first time and I absolutely adored it!  Emma Kruch is responsible for this ladies night, held at Redlight, Redlight, and I have to say, “Job well done!”  If you love cute girly things, dressing up, browsing through vintage clothing racks, flaunting your femininity, eating miniature gourmet cupcakes, drinking pink champagne, and supporting local ARTS – this is the one event you simply cannot miss.

Last but certainly not least, TUESDAY, JUN 8th – the highly anticipated gig at BACK BOOTH, had arrived.  I was slightly nervous but more than anything I was excited!  The set list was in perfect order, people had purchased their tickets, the band had rehearsed, and I had the perfectly styled look thanks to DRESSED HAUTE.  We got up on that stage and nailed it!  I hadn’t felt that good about a performance in a long time.  The crowd was awesome – so supportive.  I hope there will be more gigs like that!  What a rush of adrenaline!

I was so hyped up after the show, that sleep was not an option, so I hit TAKEOVR just in time to experience the awesomeness that is AFROJACK, and it was sick, even better was experiencing it from the top booth.

If you missed my show this past Tuesday, you can catch me tonight, Friday, JUN 11 at The Peacock Room @ 10:00pm – I’ll be opening for the Actomatics.  Very cheeky indeed.

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