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been a busy working girl gettin’ filthy in ybor, but first a quickie in atlantic city


The past month or so has been  extremely therapeutic. I am happier and probably healthier than I have been in a while.  As if my last post wasn’t any indication of how crazy my life was becoming…  But yes things are looking up.  I began daylighting as the multi-media designer for Promo Only.  I like it – it’s good to have a day gig, especially one that keeps me plugged into the music industry.  Since I began working for Promo Only I have no complaints and actually it’s been pretty dope – especially the quick trip to Atlantic City for DJ Expo.  I helped work the convention booth and attended the nightly parties.  Our official party was held at the House Of Blues – MC’d by Clinton Sparks with performances by Sean Paul, Breathe Carolina, Taylor Dayne, Speakers, Shannon, Kat Graham, Nire AllDai, and Julissa Veloz, to name a few.  I had the pleasure of meeting Julissa Veloz and Clinton Sparks and both of them were extremely kind as well as talented.

In other news, I’ve become a regular at Czar in Tampa every Friday night for the Filthy Richard Party.   Picture Friday/Saturday nights at BackBooth + TakeOvr on Tuesdays at Roxy then add music videos and some digital mapping and now you have a Filthy Party.  It also doesn’t hurt that the DJ I’m stalking there is pretty hot, and he doesn’t seem to mind my presence in the booth one bit.  I think secretly he calls me his ‘little party starter’ and I also think he’s in love with me whether or not he knows it yet… but that’s not for here.

If you ever grace the good city of Tampa with your presence over a weekend, I think you should make Filthy Richard part of your “Must do’s”.  Here are the top 5 things you should experience in the Tampa area in order.


  • Eat a SANDWICH at The Bricks in Ybor (They are all super yum)
  • Dance your ass off in any of the 3 rooms at Czar during Friday night’s Filthy Party


  • Eat at DATZ – make sure you order at least one pancake (pumpkin if available)
  • Walk around the touristy area near the bay  and share a couple of Alcoholic Slurpees at Wet Willies – no Wet Willies is not unique but you might as well do something touristy and stupid.  Besides it’s a nice view.


  • “Grow some” and attend Skinny-Dip Sunday at Caliente Resort in Land-O-Lakes (it’s a clothing optional day, so you won’t be required to bare-it-all, but hey if YOLO is still a thing why not embrace it? In any case it’s good music, good food, and awesome people watching.
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hip hip hooray for christmas vacation and a jolly ‘joisey’ new year!

Well friends what a year it has been – I am literally up in the air at 30,000 feet as I type this first post of the New Year.  2011, yikes, not sure if I can wrap my head around that number… but I have a feeling this year will be even better than the last – and I am itching for something incredible to happen.

This Christmas Vacation was one of the best holiday breaks I have had in a long time, complete with holiday parties, chilly weather, tons of food, time spent with loved ones, and play dates with friends.  I have a feeling this blog might seem a little outside my normal tone – but I’m feeling a bit thankful and sentimental – so deal with it.

Before I go into all of the mushy gushy stuff I want to give you the quick and dirty…. In a nice concise, short list of highlights:

1.       SUN: 12/19 – Attended a cookie exchange party with my mom; I made the vegan apricot, cranberry, oatmeal cookies (recipe below).  Then I put on a fancy dress, high heels, and a smile to attend the Full Sail end of the year holiday bash  –  it was massive.  I ran into several friends, including Thomas Thorspecken, Brian Feldman, Chris McCown and even a family friend I hadn’t seen in ten years.  I was invited to the event by a Mr. Krauss – he was my hot date for the evening and he basically snuck me in.

2.       TUE: 12/21 – I dragged (no pun intended) my parents and my close friends Nick and Joey to Bananas – my newest obsession.  It was the first ever “Broadway Night” at Bananas and it was FABULOUS!  Despite a few technical difficulties the show was cute and heartwarming and we laughed A LOT.  It was holiday themed, complete with drag queens and a snow machine outside the front entrance.  After that Nick, Joey and I headed downtown.  We stopped off at my place and spent about an hour on Facebook laughing hysterically about our new venture with Evan Miga, University of College Online.  Evan had just finished creating the site and made the mistake of giving Nick and I admin privileges on the Facebook page… check it out it’s quite amusing.  After we laughed until are tummies ached we headed over to Backbooth to shoot the shit with our mutual friend Aaron.

3.       FRI: 12/24 – Christmas Weekend was spent with my family – we attended Christmas Eve service and had a Christmas Dinner with Terry Olson and family, a very random occurrence but we didn’t have dinner plans that night and it was generous of Terry and Robin to invite us to join in on their family gathering.  That night I upheld my Christmas tradition and made my annual decorated sugar cookies – best batch ever.   The next morning I was spoiled rotten, and my most favorite random gift was an avocado slicer.  My mother requested I make sure to tell EVERYONE that SHE gave me the avocado slicer, just in case there was any confusion.  My other favorite gift is my new SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab, it is pretty freaking sweet and can kick your iPad’s ass.

4.     MON: 12/27 – I had a play date with Nick and Joey, and we built a fort in their living room – and I can honestly say It was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time.

5.       TUES: 12/28 – Tuesday kicked off my five-day retreat to Ocean City New Joisey to be with my family.  Much of the time was spent hanging out at home where it was warm, but we did freeze our asses off in Philly for the Eagles Vs. Vikings game.  Our cousin Thomas is on the Vikings roster, and although he didn’t play, we saw him use his mad clipboard/note taking skills…

6.       FRI: 12/31 – On New Year’s Eve everyone had parties to attend except for my sister Sarah and I so my mom, Art, Sarah and I made plans  of our own and headed to Atlantic City for a lovely dinner at Izakaya, a rather posh Japanese restaurant located in the Borgata Hotel and Casino.   The food was excellent!  Menu items worth mentioning are the Edamame Dumplings, the BBQ Pressed Duck Buns, and the Chilean Sea Bass.  Afterwards we split up, Art and Sarah headed to a late night movie, and my mom and I decided to ring in the New Year Atlantic City style – we enjoyed a couple of cocktails at the swanky Water Club Sunroom – then headed over to Gypsy Bar where we enjoyed a live cover band and lots of sloppy drunks.  We loved every second of it, and laughed until our sides hurt… In fact my abs are still sore.

Now here’s the mushy bit – It’s during the holiday season that we have time to reflect on what truly matters, and in these moments, for me at least, the people I really love come to mind.   I was lucky enough to spend time with my loved ones, well most of them.  I hope you did the same.

Happy New Year.

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daley does nyc…

HeYO! Yes.  It has taken me about a week to recover from my NYC excursion, only to turn around and hit Miami just this past weekend, but I’ll save that for the next blog post.  “Recover” is probably not the word to best describe my return to my regularly scheduled plethora of activities … it was more like rehab with severe withdrawal.  I was on a “Manhattan high” and forced to quit cold turkey at 36,000 feet on the return.  Painful.  New York is a place that has always been on the top of my list of places to one day call home, and I’ve lost count of the many times I’ve been… but this last visit was particularly invigorating.  The energy was incredible…

Wednesday afternoon I hoped on the Long Island Rail (LIR) and headed to Penn Station – from there I checked into my hotel, and got ready to meet up with my friend, and Dog Powered Robot music collaborator, David.  He was in the city for the kick-off of his yearlong tour with Blue Man Group, so we thought it would be fun to catch up in the city.  As many of you are aware, being in Midtown Manhattan can be an expensive proposition, so I suggested he and I take advantage of the free appetizers in the Executive Lounge.  After that we headed down to the Village, and we enjoyed some good wine at one of his old stomping grounds, The Room, located in SoHo off Sullivan St. near Prince.  It had a great vibe and allure, and I understand why it’s been described as dark and seductive.   It certainly has my seal of approval, if that’s worth anything.

I said a final goodbye to David wishing him lot’s luck on his tour, and decided I was not yet ready to retire for the evening… It was my first night in the city and I was energized.  I decided to keep my earlier plans to meet up with a friend from the “oh-so-long ago days of youth group” whom I hadn’t seen in a decade… we’ll call him ‘Joe’.  So I sent Joe one last text to see where his evening had taken him.  He was out with clients and they were at a private party.  Our phone conversation consisted of the following; “You are more than welcome to join us but I don’t think everything going on here is entirely legal…” hmm… this did sound interesting… hmmm ok….I’m in.   It was a very, very private party in midtown – lots of white-collar shirts, and “cocktail waitresses” – as for illegal substances, I saw nothing.  Those of you, who know me, know that’s not how I roll.  And No, NYPD did not bust down any doors, and now that I think about it… that would have been extremely tragic.  I may need to re-think some of my more questionable and spontaneous decisions.

Thursday morning I grabbed breakfast and walked down Avenue of the Americas to Bryant Park to check out the Broadway in the Park, (FREE public performances during the summer of highlights from currently running, yep you guessed it, Broadway shows).  One of the lead cast members of American Idiot, Tony Vincent, had posted the event on Facebook, and I figured it would be a good way to spend part of the day.  The lineup was Mamma Mia! | American Idiot (A.I.) | La Cage Aux Folles | West Side Story and Mary Poppins.  All of the performances were great, but I thought the cast members from Idiot, La Cage, and West Side Story were particularly good.  Other than watching the show, I met some cool random people, took photos, talked to some of the cast members (including Tony Vincent), met a couple of cute boys (one of which I scored a date with for Saturday night), and was approached by two people who asked if I was famous, or at least in one of the shows.  I’m not kidding, one woman in particular insisted she have her picture taken with me anyway. 

That evening I decided to make a mad dash to the St. James Theatre to put my name in the lottery for a $27 ticket to American Idiot – I didn’t realize a ticket this cheap was even an option, and I wasn’t planning on seeing a show for sure – but when Tony Vincent asks if you are going to see his show, and you answer, “I’m gonna try”… to which he responds, “you really should.”  It kind of obligates you a little bit… well, at least it obligates me,  because, well, I’m a push over, that and I figured I should at least try to get a $27 ticket.  So I signed up and got in line… only to not hear my name called.  Boo.  But there was a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel – if you did not win a $27 ticket you could purchase a partial view seat for $37.  I figured what’s $10 more?  At least I would see the show….well most of it.  And I have to say, I actually loved it.  In my mind the show had serious potential to be campy, but it wasn’t, it was great!  I wish that Omar Lopez-Cepero was on that night, as it would have been cool to see an old college classmate up there, but it was still great and Tony wasn’t half bad either.  I even ran into a girl, Shira, that I met earlier that day – She had asked if I wouldn’t mind taking her picture with Tony in Bryant Park – and remembered that I’d had so much caffeine, I could barely hold the camera still – or maybe Tony simply made me nervous…

After my Broadway adventure, I headed over to meet up with another classmate from my University of Miami Musical Theatre Conservatory ‘glory days’, Mr. Matt Gregorio, fka Matt Noblin, aka ‘Italian Stallion’.  He was participating in an “Idol” style karaoke contest at New World Stages.  I met a bunch of his super cool friends, and I even hopped up on the stage to bomb on my own karaoke version of “Magic Man” by Heart – not the crowd pleaser I would have suspected.  Apparently people living in NYC under the age of 26 have never heard the classic.  But best of all was Matt singing the Frankie Valli hit, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”.   It was stunning and it got him to the top 10.  Kudos Matt ❤

On Friday I headed out to Brooklyn Heights to meet up with my girl Dorothy and her little minion, Alfie, a 4 month-old French bulldog/ Boston Terrier mix.  We walked around the very posh neighborhood over to the riverside and back, and both the weather and the company couldn’t have been more perfect.  Dorothy is the kind of friend you could go months without talking to, but every time you pick up the phone or get to see her in person it’s like picking up right where you left off.  I love that girl.  Before leaving the awesomeness that is Brooklyn Heights, we stopped in the famous Crumbs Bake Shop for a cup cake sample, a free coffee, and a massive red velvet cupcake to go.  It was wondrous to look at on the train ride down to Atlantic City, and it took every fiber of my being not to eat it – the goal was to take it to my family in Jersey – the cake made it in tact – I guess I do have will power.

It was a short but nice, mini getaway, just a 2 ½ hour train ride to Atlantic City.  It’s my home away from home, and nothing beats spending time with family.  We simply relaxed – very necessary for me as I had been going non-stop since Wednesday, and on Saturday I even got in some ‘sista time’ by the pool.    

Saturday afternoon, I of course, putzed around, which made me miss my return train by 1 minute.  I’m not kidding I watched in horror as it pulled away on the tracks while I frantically ran up the steps shouting and mumbling a few choice words… and in the process I dropped and lost my credit card.  Brilliant.  It all worked out in the end because I was able to catch a bus back and cancel my long-lost card in the process. 

Next stop, East Village, to my Cousin Shannon’s place – we caught up for a while, shared a beer, ran a couple of errands and got ready for our Saturday night.  As I mentioned earlier I had a date with a cutie I will refer to as “PR Dan”.  No, not Puerto Rican Dan… but rather ‘Public Relations Dan’ (that’s what he does for Clear Channel) – We met Thursday at Bryant Park.  I met up with PR Dan at an Irish Pub (I can’t recall the name of) a couple blocks away from Shannon’s and we had a drink before being joined by my extremely tall and beautiful cousin.  We headed over to another bar, ran into a couple of Shannon’s friends and had a few too many.  At some point in the evening Shannon needed to leave and dragged me with her.  Now here’s the part where I come off as a cold heartless bitch… I didn’t get to say, “goodbye, thank you for the drinks, or maybe I’ll see you again”, – Poor ‘PR Dan’.  I felt pretty bad, but I think he can forgive me…. meh?

Sunday was the big day!  My best friend from college was getting married!  I got up – tried to kill my hangover from the night before with a bagel and a screw driver, showered and caught the F train, eventually making it into Astoria  2 transfers and a delay later.  I emerged from the subway onto a street corner where I was picked up by Matt (Karaoke Matt) and Nick Cobey aka ‘Shnatz – both friends from my conservatory days.  The drive over to Wyckoff, NJ (wedding location) can be summed up in one word, ‘Hilarious’.  I thought I had been cast as the ultimate fag-hag in the prequel to Will & Grace.  It was raining, there was traffic, the GPS system was less than accurate, and Nick couldn’t navigate for shit – he couldn’t even act it.   I told them to get a hold of themselves and threatened to punch both of them.  Despite the insanity, we arrived on time and were thrilled to see that all who were invited from our college group were there, and everyone looked fantastic! 

Michal was glowing, and Marc was radiant…they are truly a couple in love and their wedding was beautiful.   Our group gift to the bride and groom was a song, “Make Someone Happy” and we even managed to throw in some parts, courtesy of Lilli’s musical arranging expertise.  It was a hit.  I didn’t get asked to dance by any cute Jewish Boys (they were probably all told to stay away from the shiksas) but I did have the pleasure of Dancing with Erica Dorfler, our own Broadway Starlet.  She leads well. 😉 The whole wedding was fabulous.   If you’ve never had the pleasure of attending a traditional Jewish wedding, put it on your list of to-dos. 

The end of my trip was near.  Monday was my last day to play in the city, and I was determined to make every second count – and even included some stupid touristy things into my day.  I grabbed coffee with Shannon, took the subway up to Rockefeller Center where I caught a glimpse of the Today Show, hit the MoMA shop, headed up to Central Park, stopped in FAO Schwartz, moseyed through the Garment District and Herald Square, then walked all the way down Broadway to Union Square and over through NoHo where I eventually got some lunch in a French Bistro called, Café Mocha – I had a crepe, it was très délicieux!, especially after walking for 4 hours straight. 

I headed back to Shannon’s to gather up my belongings, then I took the F train Brooklyn bound to hitch a ride to the airport with Dorothy, who’s mother happened to be on my return flight home.  Goodbye NYC, I’ll see you again real soon, and to quote a new friend, “I can smell it.”


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