turkey, chicken, waffles, gravy and whole lot of bananas

In case you were wondering…

The Cameo Show went really well – the band was super tight, and my producer said it best, “you guys had a pulse – you were driving the music.”  Even our transitions were smooth – so I’ll drink to that and skittles all around for my sweet band.

The gracious new owners of the historic Cameo Theater were also pleased and asked me to come back the next night to open for Beebs and Her Money Makers.  It was too short notice for the band to get on board (I got the call at 5:30pm that night) so I packed up my laptop and keyboard and went it solo for about 25 minutes.  It was still relatively early in the evening and the crowd (if you could call it that) was minimal, so it felt more like a private show for the owners, barkeeper, sound engineer and my favorite asian brothers – Nick and Joey who were kind enough to swing by to hear me bang out a few songs.  “Yous guys are da best!”

I was pretty beat afterwards and Nick and Joey had requested we grab food.  It was at the suggestion of Beebs that we check out Bananasa Modern  American Diner located in the Mills 50 district.  So we shoved my gear into my car and walked a good 5 blocks from the Cameo to Bananas, all the while taking retarded pictures in front of the hardly creative and generic business signs, like ‘Balloons’ – hmmm I wonder what they sell?

We reached our destination and were immediately impressed with the decor and overall friendly and inviting feel of the place.  The menu looked amazing – and I instantly realized this was not the place if you are trying to count calories and watch your waistline, no siree – this was a comfort food lover’s haven.  After we placed our orders and my side order of pancakes (yumma) Nick kicked me – and then said in almost a whisper, “We’re surrounded by drag queens.”  Both Joey and I scanned the room and no doubt, we certainly were.  Funny that it took us so long to notice.

The food was amazing, the wait staff friendly and talented.  We even got a lip sync performance by a very buxom redheaded drag queen, to the tune “The Pussycat Song”  – need I say more.

Our meal was finished off with banana flavored cotton candy and a good 45 minutes of taking retarded photos of our facial features and then taking photos of ourselves holding our phones in front of our faces … with the facial feature being displayed… we really know how to have a good time.  :\

Eating at Bananas last saturday evening got me off to a week of food that included two additional meals at Bananas – YES I am officially obsessed.  I took my mother on Monday night, and my New Yorker friend Rob on Friday.  If you haven’t been yet, do yourself a favor and go!  Your mouths will thank you.  Oh and have the banana bread beer it’s delightful.

Last week as you know was Thanksgiving and of course I stuffed my face with all kinds of traditional eats and experienced the ultimate turkey coma.  It was a wonderful day shared with family , a time to reflect and be greatful for all of the amazing pepole and opportunities this year – and it was a very welcome break from the typical M – F.  The day afterwards, known from coast to coast as “Black Friday”  was awesome – because I spent it doing pretty much nothing, I successfully avoided all retail establishments and had the rent’s house to myself for much of the day.  I gave myself a pedi/mani, went for a 2.5 mile run, did some strength training and then sat around. It was perfect.

That evening I made plans to meet up with my friend Rob who was in town for the holiday.  It was my turn to show Rob around – he hadn’t spent much time in Downtown Orlando since moving away – and he took me out on the town a couple of times in NYC, so I figured I should return the favor.   We hit several downtown bar establishments  including  Vixen, Sky Sixty, and BackBooth and Rob was surprised to see how much had changed.  I told him we may or may not run into some people I know – but sure enough we ran into at least 5 peeps… Orlando, especially the downtown scene, can feel small – and lately seems to feel smaller and smaller.  Is that my cue to exit?
The funniest part of the evening was running into this guy I didn’t know but apparently he recognized me – and sure enough produced a photo of he and I near Pine Street on Halloween night.  I began to vaguely remember him… He said I was the girl in the posters around Downtown – and that I was local celebrity.  Ha ha!  What I’m wondering is what posters he is referring to, and where the hell are they?!
As I mentioned earlier our evening ended at Bananas complete with the perfectly entertaining wait staff, comfort food, and cotton candy.  I went all out and order the chicken & waffles solely based on its name.  It was unreal – two very large fried chicken breasts accompanied by a fluffy buttermilk waffle all covered in country-style, thick, white gravy.   I made a dent in it but it was a classic case of my eyes being a hell of a lot bigger than my stomach.  But it was crazy good and now I can at least say I’ve had it.  As for Rob he had the breakfast burrito and loved every bite.  Thankfully the mile walk back  helped to burn off a few guilty calories.

I’ll be seeing the gym a lot this week.

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