FUN in Miami, two EPIC shows, my 1st official EP release… not yet a rock star, but i can pretend.

There I was last night contemplating whether or not to get started on this post about my weekly … uh… ten day recap, when I got the 7:00pm call from John Paul with the news that I was anxiously awaiting. Hell YES! We were going to see MASSIVE ATTACK with Thievery Corporation at Hard Rock Live. I don’t know how these random opportunities keep happening to me, but I’ve stopped questioning it – and instead I roll with it… and speaking of rolling… We rolled up last night at about 8:45 in the Jag (which I had been wanting to ride in for some time now – and until recently it was in the shop) We were so COOL that we kept the windows down despite the 91 degree heat. I know it’s Florida, but what gives? Wasn’t it a cool 65 less than a week ago? As we approached the will call line after our 100 mile commute on foot from the parking garage to the venue, I immediately recognized a tall thin man standing near the entrance. It was Gary, from KUSH – I love that place, and I love Gary – such a sweetheart, but I may have embarrassed him just a bit when I yelled out towards JP, “HEY, THIS IS GARY, HE OWNS KUSH!”- and now I recently I embarrassed myself. :\ The show was brilliant and I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would. Soooooooo Goooooood – I am now adding Thievery Corporation to my list of “LIKES”. I may not be a rock star, yet – but having a week like this and I can almost pretend…. I don’t think I’ve ever hit two concerts on back to back days – seems kind of extravagant.  Tuesday night I saw Phoenix at the House of Blues – and they blew me away. I knew they were going to be excellent but they were better. Listening to them live was like indulging in a glass of Dom Pérignon Rosé accompanied by a chocolate truffle soufflé – after all, they are French. Over the past weekend I went on a mini excursion to my beloved MIAMI – to hang with my beautiful and unfairly tall sister – Emily, catch a Hurricanes game, and pick up some strange (kidding – just wanted to see if you were paying attention.) It was great to finally hang with my little sis and her girlfriends – and I had been meaning to see her ‘non campus-dorm room’ digs for a while. She has a pretty sweet place – despite her complaints about the management and long list of “a la carte” add on fees – but it’s really nice… better than most of the apartments I had during my college days with a couple of exceptions. Her roommate Liv is a trip – and she holds the record for best quotes of the weekend. We tailgated with a proper setup minus a grill – subs, chips, salsa, 7 layer bean dip, and beer with koozies to boot. We drank and ate and were very merry mingling with Miami fans and students alike. We decided it would be a good idea to go into the stadium about 20 minutes before the game in order to get decent seats – except just as we began to pack everything up it began to rain – so instead we jumped into the car with some of the various food items we were about to pack up, and a very serious Liz shouted, “WAIT, but wait…. Did anyone bring in the dip?” At first I laughed, but then my next thought was – wait how long do you think we are going to be in here? Thankfully, not long.  The downpour was typical – heavy and quick, and it wasn’t long before we were stadium side trying to find the appropriate gate.  Apparently we were just one over from the correct student entrance – but rather than turning around – we took the “scenic route” and we kept walking forward – ultimately walking around the entire perimeter. FAIL. The girls were a little miserable after that, and well it was pretty dumb, but I tried to stay up beat – on the bright side, we did need the exercise after all that beer and starch. Tailgating is fun – but we pre-gamed a little too hard… this was obvious because we were the only four girls quietly sitting while everyone else was standing and rowdy. While we were sitting down being lame, and my sis was distracted trying to avoid being seen by an ex-boyfriend, I had my own little distraction. Sitting in the club seats up one level and about 4 rows behind us was a very good-looking guy. I turned to Emily, Liv, and Claire and said, “See that guy up there, he is most definitely the hottest guy I’ve seen here.” Now that normally wouldn’t probably be saying much considering the fact that we were surrounded by frat guys (whom I find utterly grotesque) but this guy actually was SUPA CUTE, and of course I had to look back a few times. As I turned around one last time to spot the “eye candy”, his friend smiled at me and motioned for me to come over.  I turned to Emily, smiled, and said I’ll be right back. He must have thought I was cute too because he gave me two tickets for the club level. I tried to convince Emily to go with me – but she passed. I went up to the club level which is pretty nice by-the-way, and chatted with the two guys for a bit before the girls wanted to jump bail to avoid mad traffic. They were both in their early 30s – and the conversation started off respectable, but after the cute guy’s response, “you should go as a playboy bunny” after asking me about my Halloween plans, I realized that men never really change, and perhaps I would have had more stimulating conversation with one of the college boys. Pfft. After we got back from the game I met up with my Dan and his buddy Mike in the old stomping grounds of Coconut Grove. They were watching a fight at Sandbar, a local staple that hadn’t changed a bit from the days when I used to dance on their tables. Mike was so surprised to see me – he was actually shocked, apparently Dan forgot to mention I was coming – it happens, and it was kind of amusing because he had been drinking for a while and my explanation wasn’t exactly clicking for him. We hung out for a few drinks and I actually stood there with the boys watching a man’s face get beaten in to a pulp on national television before we left to make our way to their buddy Ryan’s place. I’ve met Ryan a few times – so it was no big deal to pop by – what WAS strange when we arrived at his place was that Ryan was not there, and instead there were two 14 year-old boys, and two sleeping 60 year-old men…. I guess they were family, or family friends. Mike and I played beer pong with the boys until Ryan and his entourage arrived from drinking post Miami game. Don’t worry! The little boys had water filled in their cups. On Sunday, Emily and I went for sushi and it was so good I’m still thinking about it.  We hit a newish place called RA Sushi  in South Miami – it had a very posh interior and decent outdoor seating.  The menu had some very interesting  starters and their specialty sushi had an unusual twist with funky names like “Hot Mess” and “RA Lollipop”.  We split the New Zealand Roll with mango and kiwi and the Spicey Rice Crispy Treats – and it was so delicious – I even took a picture – those rolls look so sexy.

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