when the breakers blow… From ELLA to Tatáme…

AGH!  The days and weeks are seriously zooming past me!  I’ve been wanting to get this done since last Wednesday but… my schedule did not permit.  I know you are all dying to know what shenanigans I’ve gotten into! meh. It’s more likely you don’t really care – but you read anyway because maybe you are trying to kill a few… and if that’s true, well then I am jealous of you… It has just occurred to me that I am at the point where I feel guilty for wanting to sit and watch 3 hours of YouTube.  I’m sooooo busy!  but it’s all good and I still have time to blog – well, I make time.  GAH!

OK my last post mentioned ELLA FEST and YES it came and went! I met some incredible female artists, like Michelle Beebs of Beebs and Her Money Makers, Lauren Carder and Barbee Cain.  What an amazing experience with both highs, and lows… but all worth it!  We had a great turn out, and my band mates gave it their best under serious pressure and amidst major technical difficulties:

Breakers Blew (we rocked to hard) during the middle of our first song – we lost sound.  When the power came back on shortly after that, it apparently reset our interface  and communication to the main board was lost.

Still – We did our best to finish out the set and I tried not to pout although I did afterwards.  But despite me not feeling like “I brought it”  – people were still impressed and pretty forgiving about the tech issues.  I have to hand it to my band ( they were so professional) and Robert Johnson, who puts this whole incredible thing together.  Kudos!

Moral of the story: BE READY FOR ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. and stop whining.  (that last bit was for myself) :\

I’m kind of glad it happened (all lies), because SHIT WILL HAPPEN, so it’s important to learn how to handle it.

Later that week, Wednesday, James (guitarist/drummer) and I took over an open mic night at Tatáme Saki Lounge in Winter Park.  We ended up doing almost the entire set with just keys, guitar, a few percussion bits, and some backing trax…  and it went over pretty darn good  🙂 – and my hair looked Ah-Mazing – thanks to Kathleen Medina at AltaMODA – she is the shiznit, not a hair stylist, but a hair ARTIST.

In fact the night went over so well, I was offered my own night this week… YEP, today in fact, THURSDAY, OCT. 14 starting around 8:00pm.  I’ll be playing with James and Nestor (bassist) and it will be supa chill.  Soooo, if you’re reading this and it’s still timely info – come hang out it’ll be fun… plus there is saki – it’s yumma – AND if you still don’t make my set, get over there some other time because it’s a pretty sick little place.

But back to last Wednesday night.  When we arrived to set up, there was a man and female standing like wax figures on the small stage platform in full on Ghostbuster costumes… (I couldn’t make this up) and spread throughout the establishment were people sketching them…. all the while the ghost buster theme song played on loop. This went on for a good 45 minutes, and I guess it was some kind of sketching contest.  When I first walked in,  I was so caught off guard that I wasn’t sure if it was ok to walk in front of the stage – so instead I stood by the door for a good few minutes looking confused.  I figured I would not be the only person to be perplexed, and I’ll admit it was pretty entertaining watching people’s reactions when they came in.

One of the “contestants” was Thomas Thorspecken – a local gem.  He is the sketch artist and journalist responsible for Analog Artist Digital World, a blog about his Orlando sketchbook, which you can and should check out here: http://thorspecken.blogspot.com/

I had the privilege of meeting Thomas a few times before through my good friends Evan and Christie Miga – I knew he was a fabulous Artist, but I did not realize he had a highly entertaining blog to boot!  I immediately recognized him when I saw him and told him I was about to play a set,  suggesting he stay if he could… well he stayed and not only did he hang out for the entire set (including the open mic’ers in between) but he sketched James and I performing on stage.

I was floored when I saw it at the end of the night.  Thomas really is THAT GOOD… I know this not because his pieces are stunningly colorful and vibrant (although they certainly are) but because he captured with great detail my poor posture!  bah ha!  What a great reminder to stand up straight!

The following day (Thursday) I was going to take it easy but of course as it usually goes… something came up that I figured I should not miss.  I hit the DRINK Magazine launch party at Tastings – a pretty yuppie, posh wine bar downtown near Lake Eola off Magnolia… I liked it.  You purchase re-loadable cards and you can sample various wines etc…  but what started out as just a networking event at a low-key venue turned into bumping into Kevin Collier (Smile for Camera), being introduced to Meghan Schalk (DRINK Magazine) and some other dudes… sharing a Margarita Tower at the Cantina on Wall street that tasted like koolaid with a salt rim, catching the Yeasayer show at Firestone and then finishing off the evening at SKY SIXTY for Ladies Night.

You would think after all that I would have had a quiet Friday and Saturday but no.  Friday night I caught a bike carriage downtown to attend RESET at icon (at the request of Kevin Collier, where I met Katie Egger (a Smile photog and pretty cool chick) along with Pauly Crush (the DJ of the hour) before making my way to Backbooth for a change in musical genres.   At Backbooth I met the “Wright Brothers” – FINALLY – after months of my friend Nick telling me that I knew them back from “youth group days”.  I’m sure we ran in similar circles back then but now I can officially say we have met – and maybe I’ll pay another show there soon… fingers crossed.

Saturday was spent in the studio finalizing several recordings for my UNSUPERVISED EP/ALBUM – releasing VERY SOON (plug, plug, plug), before heading to Graffiti Junction to watch the MIAMI v. FSU game, where I became ill with frustration as I watched in agony as the #26 noles mopped the field with my beloved #13 Hurricanes (BOO – I still haven’t gotten over that one) and then took the same bike carriage (Gordy is an awesome bike rider/driver and I am now a loyal customer) downtown to meet up with friends before calling it a night…. phew! and this is where I pass out.

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One thought on “when the breakers blow… From ELLA to Tatáme…

  1. Thomas says:

    A friend of mine and I made the drive to Miami for the FSU game. Forgot our tickets, bought tickets on stubhub.com at a ridiculous price, spent two hours in traffic getting to the game (we were 5 miles away at our hotel), almost got into a fight with a bunch of drunk UM students and then watched our beloved Canes get walloped. I couldn’t believe how bad we played. Especially against FSU. 😦

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