a new york minute = a week of catching up.

As I mentioned last weekend – I was in fact in NYC and of course it was a crazy, amazing time!  I caught Lady Ga Ga in concert at the XL Center in Hartford, CT with my friend Matt – we had front row seats courtesy of my friend Rob and his ever so gracious boss, Chin.  As if the tickets alone were not enough, Rob hooked us up with a driver so we wouldn’t have to brave the bus/train for at least half of the trip.  Rob if you’re reading, Matt and I can not thank you enough.  YOU ARE the bees knees!

The concert was fantastic!  Ga Ga was captivating, and the show was of course a giant, ridiculous, spectacle – and I loved every second of it.  No lip syncing at this concert – but ‘shock and awe’ was rampant.  I liked Lady Ga Ga before, but now I will honestly admit I am a fan – a ‘little monster’, so to speak…  I think the shining moment amongst the spectacle was when she announced that a portion of all tickets sold was going to her charity of choice – a group that provides support for gay and bi-sexual teens who have run away from home because their parents didn’t understand them.  I was really moved by that.
During the rest of my trip I met my girl Dorothy for lunch in Midtown, treated myself to a manicure, and partied with Rob and Co.  We were supposed to end up at a party in Brooklyn but I never left Manhattan… oh well, maybe next time.

On Saturday evening I returned to Orlando – and I met up with Rima to get the highly anticipated photos she took of me in August!  They turned out great and you can see the best of the best on the FB page!  After that I went downtown to hang out with JP and Wendy.  We ended up running
into another friend of mine celebrating her high school reunion and ended up at I-Bar… where I met a cutie named Brad.  And that evening spiraled into a very strange series of events, which I have decided not to describe in detail but I will say that it began to resemble a scene out of a bad movie… and ended with myself and the cutie walking over 2 miles at 4:45am.

So after a 3 day escapade with very little sleep and lot’s of running around – I officially ran myself down.  ;\  Oh go ahead and laugh now – I knew it was coming.

In other news – I met my new boss, who will be taking on the position of Director for the Orange County Arts Education Center (I think he’s a shoe in)  and I spent this past weekend out with friends, rehearsing, and working on the new branding… website updates coming soon, but most importantly I’m getting very close to releasing my first official EP/Album Woop Woop!

If you’re local or you happened to be in town this coming weekend (Oct. 1 – 3) check out the ELLA Fest taking place at Orlando Brewing Co.  It’s a celebration of  Female Musicians – kind of a local “Lilith Fair”, and it’s sure to be a good time!  My band and I will hit the stage on Sunday, OCT 3 @ 7:00pm.  Be there!  All the cool kids are going.

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