May it come to an end…but not without a multitude of activity…

The last week in May was insane!  Between Dog Powered Robot (which I am now lovingly referring to as DPR, as coined by Sarah Siak), rehearsing for my up-coming gig at BackBooth and all of the other general on-goings of the week, I nearly collapsed ‘Amy Winehouse style’ with fatigue, but it was all worth it! 

DPR had a fantastic run and got lot’s of attention from fringers, Facebook friends, and local theatre critics.  I have a feeling this is not the last you will hear about the robot that is dog powered, in fact it looks as though we will be making a full length music video and pitching the idea to various outlets.  I have to say, I have never had more fun doing a bit in a show than I did as the “singer”  for DPR – It never failed to make me laugh, and working with Evan, David, Christie, and Fisher was so much fun.  Be on the look out for the professional footage from the show – Awwwee Yeahhhh!  we’re going viral!

This past week, I also managed to book a gig at the BackBooth, a local bar/venue downtown, and I just so happened to hang out there Friday night with Nick, Joey, and Company, but not before taking a memorable drive downtown with all SIX of them in a mini cooper.  Oh yes I was the 6th and final addition to an already jam-packed mini cooper.  This was probably the dumbest thing I did all week, but the ride didn’t last long, and we arrived safely at our downtown destination.  We saw Nick’s friend’s band, Crisis in Hollywood play and we danced, laughed, and shared a Margarita made especially for me with Patron Silver by the famous BackBooth bartender Jason – and it was by far the best margarita I’ve ever had.  Jason has my vote!

As I mentioned earlier, I booked my own gig at BackBooth – JUN 8 – so if you’re in town come SEEEE me – I’m very excited!  go to my site: for more ticket info, and If you come out to the show and tell me you read my blog, I will buy you a special margarita!  Sounds good right? 

The last part of my memorial weekend was spent singing the National Anthem for the Orange County Memorial Day Service.  I nailed it, and I looked HAWT thanks to Sarah and her styling genius!  I have to admit I was pretty nervous that I would flub a verse but I pulled it off – no mistakes – thank god, because I would have felt pretty crappy if I had screwed it up, considering the service was held in honor of a recent fallen soldier.  It felt good to pay my respects to his family, and I’m glad the attendees were happy with my performance.

Of course the rest of my week would not have been complete without the debauchery that is TAKEOVR Tuesdays at ROXY (Yes I went again, only this time I didn’t fall off a platform, but instead hung out with the DJs for a bit) and SKY SIXTY on Wednesday!  Just kidding no debauchery at SKY, only the best in Indy, Nu Disco and Club Banging, and great atmosphere –  a reminder of my days on South Beach, which I miss.  Speaking of which, I may be blogging about Miami soon!  You just never know!

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