if Jäger gets you down, get UP! and then get “Dog Powered”…

For those of you who know me, you know that I am kind of a dork.  Yes I know I seem ‘cool’, but really ‘cool’ is my cover.  And this past week I experienced some very un-cool moments, but I guess they help to balance out the good ones – and being part of a production that involves a grown man dressed as a blue robot with his pomeranian strapped to his chest as he knocks down a cardboard city… isn’t  cool…it’s flippin’ AWESOME! 

But first, I’ll describe one of my moments of stupidity.  There were more, but that’s all I am willing to disclose.  

Last Tuesday I went to TAKEOVR @ the Roxy with the housemates and their crew.  It was definitely an ‘experience’ mainly because the combination of dancing in way to high heels on the platform level after a repulsive shot of Jägermeister lead to disaster.  Yes… I fell and I took another girl with me.  It was humiliating – and I ended up with several “battle wounds”, as if the embarrassment wasn’t enough.  The bruise on my knee has nearly healed, my self-esteem, still injured, but hey, 1 up on the ‘dork factor’.

Wednesday night was much tamer – consisting of a dinner date at Mucho’s Tequila and Tacos (a brand new Mexican restaurant establishment off E Pine St. – worth a try!) with Jon, a young lawyer “living the life”.  And yes, just in case you are wondering, it is the same lawyer that I met the previous week at the UM Alumni book club event… thing.  After a perfectly portioned plate of fish tacos and way too many tortilla chips, we strolled over to Up! @ SKY SIXTY to “meet up” with my DJ friends, Tommy Mot and the 11Sixteens.  I even got to play DJ long enough for a photo! Not sure if my being excited about that gives me a -1 or a +1 on the dork factor, but either way… I lOOOOOVED every second of it!

After SKY I headed over to the home of musical genius David Traver (Musical Director for Blue Man Group) to work with him and Evan Miga (Creative Mastermind) on the soundtrack for Evan’s Creative Mind Experiment piece, “Dog Powered Robot”.  And we could hardly stop laughing.

Which brings me to the major highlight of my week; performing in Evan’s piece at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival!  We had two performances last week and the audience response was enthusiastic!  People seem to love it and each night it has been voted ‘most entertaining’.  It’s not enough to describe it to you; although my description above gives you a pretty good idea of the absurdity that is “Dog Powered Robot”, but it’s simply something you just have to see for yourself.   I sing in the show and it’s by far the coolest piece of theatrical entertainment I have ever been a part of.  Evan, Fisher (his Pomeranian Pup) and I will be killin’ it again tonight, Wed. May 26 at 10:55pm and tomorrow, Thu. May 27 @ 8:30, so come out and see it and buy a t-shirt!  IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

About the Creative Mind Experiment:
Creative Mind Experiment: How different creative minds interpret the same inspiration
Each creation is placed one right after another so you can see just how differently they think even when inspired by the exact same thing.  8 creators will participate in every show.
For more info and tickets click here!
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