book clubbing, bar hitting, and park hopping…

I know you’re all dying to read about my past week in its entirety (kidding), but in all honesty, I only have a few things worth writing about (you’re crushed, I know).  But here you go, the highlights of my week – bon apetit!.  

Thursday evening was one of those random experiences I signed up for without really knowing what I was getting into.  Typical.  I ended up at a UM Alumni networking event at Hannibal’s in Winter Park which I had RSVP’d to several weeks ago.  I was coming from a committee meeting at my boss’s house and rather than show up early for the event, I figured it would be better to arrive at least 15 minutes late, fashionable, right?  This would have been fine if this was simply a mixer, but this “networking” event was in fact a book club event for a local author, Tom Cavanaugh… whom I knew nothing about, and even worse it was a small gathering.  I had to quietly join a table of about 8 people, then awkwardly introduce myself.  So embarrassing.   

It was the kind of situation where it’s nothing like you were expecting, and you feel confused and out-of-place, yes, “out-of-place” seems appropriate.  I sat there uncomfortably sipping my sangria while we listened to Tom discuss his books, life, experiences..etc… all very interesting… After about an hour we were finally allowed to relax and mingle.  I felt slightly better as a few other alumni trickled in late, and I could see that same look of panic and confusion in their eyes too.   

In the end it turned out to be a really nice evening, I learned some things about book publishing, and I met some new people, among them two lawyers around my age.  We hit it off and I ended up grabbing dinner with them at Dexter’s following the ‘book club’ confusion.  Turned out they had been just as confused as I.  

Friday evening consisted of celebrating the 21st birthday of my new friend and house mate, Stein.  We had dinner at Ceviche’s, an incredible Tapas Bar off Church Street, and I had the “Costillas de Cordero”  – braised baby lamb ribs in roasted tomato deliciousness, and it was so good I shoveled every single drop of it into my mouth.  This led to serious stomach revolt.  I love tomato based sauces and reductions, but my stomach, however, does not, and it let me know.   

After dinner I took a break from the ’21st b-day partying’ to hang with my buds Nick and Joey (see previous posts).  We met up at Vixen Bar then hit Wall street – where in the span of 20 minutes I met Brody of XL 106.7, recognized two guys from high school, and snagged the phone number off of a really cute tall guy, 6’6” to be exact.   After Wall Street we ended up at some hipster bar I forget the name of, but I do remember leaning over to Nick and saying, “I feel like I’m going to catch an STD in here.”  

It was nearly 2:00am and I promised to meet back up with Stien and her friends at Cameo for the ‘after party’.  I arrived exactly at 2:15 and the entire club had cleared out – no one was there from Stien’s group.  I figured I’d give it 5 minutes before I would give up and call it a night.  And just as I was headed back to my car, the party arrived in a ridiculous stretch, SUV, limo thing.  I joined them inside and well I’m not going to go into further detail… but we’ll say it was crazy in there.  In fact I never made it into Cameo with the ‘VIP Party’ but instead opted to forgo the additional $5 cover and headed home.   

Hanging with the Girls at Epcot - Bottoms up!

I ended my week spending some much-needed quality time with my Aunt Kathy, Cousin Amy, her hubby and kids, and her ‘so much fun’ friend Mary.  We spent all day Saturday at Epcot moseying around the world showcase.  We bought some lucky Japanese figurines and had lunch on the Boardwalk at the ESPN Sports Bar.  We then hit Hollywood studios, before deciding we were too hot and sweaty to do anything there, so we called it a day.  Suffering from a combination of heat exhaustion and serious dehydration –  I wanted to do nothing else that night but shower and lie on my bed with the fan at full speed.   Ahhh… so much better.

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