Turtle, ‘Mayo’, a ‘Milestone Celebration Marathon’ and my plight with a habanero…

My week started off on a relatively depressing note, but it quickly began to turn around on Tuesday, May 4th on my walk to work.  A turtle was making a suicidal attempt to cross Eola Drive – he would have been toast.  I figured he was trying to get lakeside, but I was already running a few minutes late, so I picked him up and moved him away from the street… of course that didn’t cut it – OK lakeside it is, and just as picked him up again a man in a white dress shirt and slacks (probably from the nearby law firm) came to help and explained that it was a box turtle and that I should place him in some shrubs near the lake.  I was late for work, but I did my good deed for the day.  Mr. Turtle would live another day.

Things were looking up – and I had things to look forward to.  Cinco de Mayo, a holiday I never paid much attention to before, was one of them.  The fabulous 11sixteens aka Rich Rosario and Sara Siak were spinning at SKY SIXTY, a very chill rooftop bar downtown.  I couldn’t locate my sombrero so I settled for some silk flowers in my hair, a silky floral top and red lipstick to create my “chicana” look.  It’s always fun to be able to say, “I’m with the DJ” but even more fun when it’s true and drink tickets are involved.  Three drink tickets later and I found myself dancing like an idiot to “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet.  At this point my little brother and ‘escort home’, had joined the party with his buddies.   Not their “scene” but I told them to deal with it because Rich was kind enough to give them drink tickets also.   But those only went so far and they were ready to move on to the next bar.  At this point I should have gone home, but since I wasn’t going to attempt to walk home alone, I was dragged to Latitudes – or more appropriately, the ‘giant frat party’.  I was without a doubt one of the oldest people there, but I made the most of it – and well me + free drinks = oh dear.  Fortunately, my little bro and his buds had my back – and we eventually made the walk home.  Wednesday night was my weekend, so I planned to take it easy Friday and Saturday night… right.

Friday evening I ended up hanging out with the girls next door and playing DJ – my laptop being the alternative to the radio – for their friends going away party.  Saturday morning I woke up slightly hungover – probably still leftover from ‘Cinco, cinco’, (*wink*) and hit my producer’s house to work on a new track, to which we lost 45 minutes of work, do to a program overload – minor setback.  At 1:30pm I made a mad dash to pick up my dress and get ready for my friend’s wedding in Lakeland at Maddox Ranch.

A Wedding…

My date, and social butterfly, Roby, met me at my house and we were off on our night of mayhem.  Ok it wasn’t mayhem, but it was certainly not dull.  The wedding was lovely, and different, the entire event taking place outside on a ranch, under a big white tent, with Chinese paper lamps, and it wouldn’t be complete without ‘comfort stations’ for the guests.  Roby, acting as my wing man helped me to get acquainted with who I will refer to as ‘the cowboy’ – his family owns the ranch, and for some reason Roby figured as much at first glance.  If you don’t know Roby, you are probably part of a very small percentage of locals, or you’re not a local, because Roby seems to know everybody, and if he doesn’t know them, he makes a point to get to know them.  In any case I may have a horse riding date with ‘the cowboy’, – thank you Roby. 

A Graduation Party: Making the rounds…

After we split from the wedding to head back to Orlando we ended up stopping by a graduation party, where I consumed my third and final piece of cake for the evening (I ate two pieces at the wedding) – I simply cannot pass up cake – and there were two different kinds, so I had to.  I also enjoyed a Japanese snack called a Pocky – it was a delicious stick dipped in strawberry, sugary goodness – I highly recommend trying. 

A Bachelor Party?  Round 3, ding, ding, ding…

Around 11:30pm Roby and I “rock, paper, scissored” whether or not we should meet up with our friend Daniel at Will’s Pub.  Will’s Pub it was – except I had no idea where it was and surprisingly neither did Roby.  Several text messages and phone calls later we arrive in the vicinity of the Will’s Pub and we finally meet up with Daniel and his friend, who has nicknamed me “acorn”, whose name I can’t recall, and they invite us to a bachelor party at a house down the street.  “What the hell?”  We’d already been to a wedding and a graduation party, why not another milestone celebration? 

The Bachelor party was not what I would have expected nor what you see in the movies, there were no tigers in the bathroom, strippers, or bottles of liquor strewn across the floor, and I wasn’t even the only female there.  Sure there was beer, but it looked more to me like a bunch of hipsters/ er hippies hanging out on any given day of the week.  Downtown Orlando seems to crawling with hipsters, a group I’m still trying to figure out – I must have missed the phenomena while living in Miami. 

Sunday:  Hot Mama…

Which brings me to Sunday – in short I prepared a lovely meal for my parents in honor of Mother’s Day.  It was relatively healthy (minus the Ghirardelli caramel, walnut brownies) consisting of a ginger, pine nut Asian salad, spicy coconut, red curry tilapia, Steamed string beans, and rice pilaf.  The meal was pleasant, the preparation, not so much.  WARNING:  do not chop habanero peppers without some kind of barrier between your hands and those little devils.  I made the stupid mistake of chopping them with my bare hands and then absent mindedly rubbing my eyes (apparently simply washing one’s hands does NOT get rid of the fire juices).  I thought I was going to go blind and that the sensitive skin around my eyes was going to melt off.  I was so panicked I forced my mom to Google: “habanero peppers in eyes” in order to find out if I needed to go the ER.  The next thing I knew, I was standing by the kitchen sink, holding my head back with two giant, soaking wet, tea bags over my eyes (get your mind out of the gutter).  It didn’t really help; like so many things, it just had to run its course…

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