BANG BANG… ‘Go, go, go Jo!’

It’s that time again… My weekly recap – and yes it’s a bit over do, but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t exactly motivated to ‘blog’ on either Sunday or Monday.  And I know you’re probably thinking – “isn’t this blog supposed to be a daily thing?”  well no – because I don’t have time for that – and it’s Daley – D A L E Y.  So it’s whatever I want it to be.

Last week was,well, a little slow going compared to the previous week, mainly because I needed to recover, but I did do a couple of things worth writing about. 1) I attended Dressed Haute Hair’s – BANG BANG @ KUSH Ultra Lounge & Hookah Bar. 2) I attended a Musical –  Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (community theatre style) @ Garden Theatre.

The BANG BANG experience  was a lot of fun –  just us girls with the exception of the lovely Mrs. Siak Liebert’s hubby.  It was literally all about bangs – for those who can’t commit to the awesome, yet high maintenance ‘fringe’, there is an option.  For $20 – $35 you too can have either blunt & chunky, brow-skimming, whispy or side swept bangs, without cutting any of your own precious locks.  Brilliant!  These pieces are 100% real human hair (kind of gross when you think about it) that  comb in and snap into your hairline,  hidden under pieces of your natural hair, and voila! instant bangs, and instant new look!

Ok enough selling – but I was SOLD and I was already sporting real fringe.   So…. I opted for a piece that would remain un-cut.  Now I can change my look too – with a long bang that slightly covers my eye.  And oh yes,  the evening would not have been complete without a hookah (mango flavored this time), a bottle of red wine, and an assortment of Blow Pops.  Nom…nom…nom.   

On Thursday evening, I accompanied Mr. Scott Evans aka ‘slave driver’ to the Garden Theatre to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Scott (my boss) directed the children’s choir – so I went out to support him, and I killed two birds because I also discovered that  my Uncle Gerry was also in the show, playing Brother Reuben.  This is the same uncle who plays Jesus at the Holy Land Experience.  I’m not kidding – he really does play Jesus and he looks like what many of  us think Jesus may have looked like.  I have to hand it to him, he did pretty darn good in the show, and it makes me smile that he is serious about performing – and loves every moment of it.

The one disappointment for me was the Narrator – She was good, but I don’t think she made enough of a connection with the audience, and way too many pop riffs (pet peeve of mine).  But overall I did enjoy myself, and why wouldn’t I?  It was a cheery, cheesy, lighthearted, ‘don’t have to think’, production that I was able to sing along to, with my glass of Cabernet of course.  And I couldn’t help but sing along – It brought back memories of a 12 year-old me, in the children’s choir, sporting a blue jumper, drooling over Sam Harris, and singing at the top of lungs, “Go, go, go Joseph, you know what they say… hang on now Joseph, you’ll make it some day! Sha  la la Joseph…”  Much simpler times.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® DreamcoatWritten by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lyrics by Tim Rice
Produced by Garden Theatre
April 23-May 16, 2010
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm
Sundays at 2pm

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