week in review: Idiocy at its finest and it’s all true.

Me & OSC Staff showing the kiddies how it’s done.

This one is a long one because this week was filled with activity… beginning with Sunday, April 18 – I worked our annual PLAYGROUND Music & Arts Fest, a fun-filled, family event focused on arts education.  My piece of this event was the Ultimate Rock Band Throwdown presented by the Orlando Science Center (OSC)… It was a blast despite relatively few serious “Rockers” participating …but I think this was because of two reasons: 1. It rained 2. High schoolers are flaky.  Also one of my confirmed “celebrity” judges bailed on me that morning… apparently he was sick, so I searched frantically for a backup.  I heard that former NSYNC’er, Joey Faton, was at the event with his foundation, and I rushed over to catch him and see if he wouldn’t mind filling in… of course he was just about to head out so it was a no go, but he was very friendly – I ended up tagging one of the directors from the Pop Shop to fill in for my MIA “A lister”.  Regardless I had fun, and even did the opening warmup with the OSC staff.

Tuesday night I had a last-minute date and we ended up at Graffiti Junction in Thornton Park for a night-cap, I definitely recommend the mojito – surprisingly authentic.  And Wednesday night I had a date downtown, after spending some much-needed time in the studio working on the latest track.  My date and I hit The Lodge … but it was incredibly loud so we opted to go elsewhere.  Gotta love Tanqueray’s, kind of a dive – but always a good time.  My date, who will remain anonymous at this time ;), was in fact my date both Tuesday and Wednesday evening…

Thursday evening I was invited to KUSH Ultra Longe and Hookah Bar, and I LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEED it! It was a perfect evening complete with new friends, a bottle of red wine, a cotton candy flavored hookah, and cherry flavored blow pops! Strange as it may sound, the combination was delightful.

Which now brings me to Friday, the beginning of my insane weekend.  I treated my little brother/roomie, Kyle, to Florida Music Fest tickets at Wall St. Plaza – Less Than Jake was headlining, and I thought it might be fun, even though I’ve never been a ska fan.

Roomies at Wall St.

Finished our beer then headed over to NV to chill out before meeting up with friends at Tanqueray’s- yippi.  If you are local and you’re looking for a really chill lounge to get a beer or glass of wine, NV is definitely worth checking out.  Tom and Wren are the friendly bartenders there, and I promise they’ll make you feel like you’re at home, only it’s much cooler with vintage velvet sofas, and chic lighting.

After a chat with Tom and Wren and another drink later we finally made it over to Tanqueray’s…I make a b-line to the ladies room and I’m immediately approached by an older woman looking to set up her step son. “Are you single?”- She slurs – “umm yeah?” I answer. “Oh wonderful, my step son, he’s such a nice guy – really needs to meet a nice girl, and I can tell from your face that you are a nice girl, so would you come meet him? Please?  I promise you won’t be disappointed.”  To which I answer, “Um ok, but can I pee first?”  She then continues to tell me about him while I am in the stall. I think to myself this is crazy but kind of hilarious.  I follow her out to the bar, and there he was, P. Cwiklinski, a Polish, French Canadian.  Definitely not my type but I thought I’d go along with the charade for at least a little while, after all he did buy me drink, so I might as well be cordial.

I was eventually able to pull away and join my friends Nick & Joey, who I hadn’t seen in years.  That last drink at Tanqueray’s was really strong, so it was all downhill from there… Nick and Joey invited everyone back to their place for some additional partying… I was feeling pretty good at that moment in time so I went, Kyle, having to work the next day, opted to get dropped off at home.   Smart kid.

James Boyd Band @ Wall St. Plaza

At 11:00am the next morning I woke up with that ‘scary as all get out’, feeling of panic when you have no idea where you are. The room, totally unfamiliar, the company on the opposite end of what seemed to be a very large king size bed, not so unfamiliar.  “Oh My Gosh!!! Joey!?!” I yelled while also laughing.  So embarrassing… Nick swore to me that he left me on the couch sleeping…. he did mention that he had told me in my passed out state, that there was a spare bedroom down the hall if I would prefer to crash there.  Our best guess is that I sleep walked into what I THOUGHT was the spare room – not so much. Ugh.  I emerged from the bedroom, amazingly with my hair and hair clip intact, and entered the living room where a hung over Nick and Joey sat with two girl friends that popped by that morning.  “Hey Britt! how do ya feel?”  Nick asked jokingly, to which I responded in all complete seriousness, “I feel like a microwaved hooker.”

Shortly afterwards I receive a text from Kyle that reads “how are you getting in the house?”  shit.  I remembered, Kyle and I had walked downtown – he had the house key.  So Nick was kind enough to drive me to Kyle’s work to pick up the key. After a joy ride to and from Winter Park we arrive at my house, I scramble up the driveway, and just as Nick’s truck pulls away, I realize something… I don’t have the key that my brother just handed to me not even 15 minutes earlier.  I dial Nick’s number and frantically explain to him that I must have dropped it in his truck…  after a good 10 minutes of tearing apart Nick’s car we still can not find the key… only one option is left, and thankfully I was absent-minded the night before and left the bathroom window open.  Yep, Nick climbed in through the bathroom window for me.  After that entire ordeal was over I was left asking myself the age-old question, “Why did I drink that much?”  followed by, “I’m never doing that again.”  – yeah right.


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