when opportunity knocks… don’t knock it… especially if it’s covered in dust.

ok, here it is… my first official post, and well I have to be honest, it’s a little late in coming, but here it is.  In fact, a recap is in order.  Let’s start with Thursday, April 15…  I initially got the idea to write a blog… everyone else is doing it, so why not me?  And I will credit my boss, with coining it daley downtown… it has a nice ring to it and I live, work, and play downtown….and I have to say, as much as I ultimately want to experience life outside the vortex that is Florida, I  am thoroughly enjoying the scene here in downtown Orlando, if it can be called a scene… 

Ok so, Thursday… Thursday was a day filled with randomness.  I heard there was going to be a local Corporate 5k run, and my boss  told me  I could “crash” it, so that afternoon, I decided “what the hell?”.  So I went down to Thornton Park to meet up with the boss man and his running group, with every intention of  “crashing” the race, but lucky for me they had an extra number, so I ended up looking official if nothing else.  It was invigorating!  I have been running on a regular basis since November, but that was my first organized race.  It went through the Downtown neighborhoods and it was jam-packed with runners and walkers alike,12 thousand of them… and it was an insane… zig zagging and hurdling through sidewalks, private yards, and even people.  I ran the entire  thing, no stopping, and completed it in 32 min. and 37 seconds – not bad for a first timer, and I have every intention of doing it again, what a f*ing rush! 

Ok, so beyond the random race, let me get you up to speed on my new life in Downtown O-town.  In short: I’m completely moved in, still organizing a hall closet – on my list of to do’s, and I’m halfway through painting, and EVERYTHING needed paint.  The most memorable “home project” so far was the cleaning of the scary air vent…it was absolutely D I S C U S T I N G!  I nearly fell off the step stool when the vent dropped down, and literally had to hold my breath for fear of inhaling asbestos from the mushroom cloud of death.  Can you even see asbestos?  I haven’t a clue, but I can tell you that was not normal levels of dust and grime.  Then there was the rolled up piece of foam shoved up the vent, which looked incredibly creepy.  I braced myself as I tugged on it, not only for fear of being covered in crap, but just in case a body part came out with it.  No body parts, just more thick, black, dust…not fun.  The next morning I woke up hacking up a lung and my eyes were just as you would expect, watery and itchy.  I’m guessing I’ve now lost what? 2? …maybe 3 years off my life from inhaling that funk. 

Aside from all that… I’m pretty comfortable and I think I’m gonna like it here.

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One thought on “when opportunity knocks… don’t knock it… especially if it’s covered in dust.

  1. Rick Thomas says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood Brittney (and welcome to your brother too)! Good luck on your blog. Try to avoid any more “Mushroom clouds of death.” Btw, enjoyed your new song!

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